Strategy to control Air pollution in Delhi

Every year we experience Delhi as a Gas Chamber specially in Winter and Delhi Government wake up on receipt of caution notice from Supreme Court and then react with few conventional make shift initiatives which end up without a solution to Air pollution and again wait for next winter to come.

Way Forward :-

1. Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change has to take lead role and should work very closely as single window solution provider to this issue with state Government , Municipal Corporation and pollution control board to tackle this problem for a logical conclusion forgetting political differences for the best health interest of citizens of Delhi specially children.
2. Redefining Migration policy to Delhi for a specific time, Redefine Surface transportation system, redefining the usage of Fossil fuel in Thermal Power station and Flue gas quality/ emission level.
3. Promoting Agriculture and enhancing income of Farmers by productive farming, Developing Schools , hospitals , Factories , Surface transportation systems and Internet Communication system to make developed Villages as an alternative place for outsiders to stay with a regular income source so that migration to Delhi from surrounding areas and states can be prevented on a permanent basis.(Places like - Gurgaon and Noida ) to reduce human load to Delhi.
4. Improving the Public transportation by numbers, coverage, cost and timing for easy commuting so that people use this facility as main source of transportation by limited use of personal vehicles or use of personal vehicle only in emergencies.
5. Focus should be given to the expansion Metro Railway network, Electric Traction system to supplement Public transportation system.
6. Phasing out old Diesel /Petrol vehicle as per Government Pollution rules ruthlessly.
7. Develop By -cycle tracks and promoting the use of By-cycle for short distance coverage with a control management system to save time for quick coverage from Metro Stations to the Office blocks in specific locations for willing users on daily basis .
8. Renovating old Thermal Power plants with incorporation of Pollution Control equipments to separate out Methane ( CH4) , Sulpher Di –Oxide ( SO2) , Nitrous Oxide (NOX) , Hydrogen Chloride and Di- Oxine during power Generation process in stages and discharges only pure steam to the atmosphere from the chimney with adequate height depending on terrain.
9. Promoting Renewable Energy Source (Wind, Solar, Nuclear and Waste to Energy power plants) with proven technology collaboration to minimize Fossil Fuel usages in Thermal Power Plant.
10. Solid Waste Management system to generate power from solid waste to promote cleanliness.
11. Ban on burning on Solid waste, Trash, Parali etc which can affect clean atmosphere.
12. Development of Greenery by Tree Plantation, grass covering and Sanitary landfill systems

The above Twelve point program is useful but has to be executed in a well planned manner with seriousness by jointly Central Government, State Government and Local bodies with sincerity and sound management system with the help and cooperation of Delhi people and societies for health safety.

Current Odd and Even system, Water sprinkling, stoppage of civil construction are not the solution at all. more  

This is my first post. pollution can be due to two reasons. (1) Global due to greenhouse gases that can cause climate change. This has a long term effect lasting at least centuries. the victim need not be the polluter. this is a global effect and does not have the capability to punish the victims alone. (2) local pollution affecting local population and having immediate/ short term effect. Acid rain could be in this group. both these need to be taken care of. Much before UN came up with Sustainable Development, Gandhiji said, 7 decades ago, the following : " The air, the land. the water, the environment is not something given by our ancestors but on loan from our children. we must give these in as good a condition as we got." Energy and transportation are two major polluters . we must run transportation on electric power on immediate terms and hydrogen later. unfortunately both need energy. Hence the country must choose correct energy mix keeping nearly 15 factors( one being Pollution) in mind. It must be on four pillars. Also India has agreed voluntarily to Paris target of climate change. Regulatory bodies have important roles. I will wait for comments from the distinguished group to continue my post. G.R.Srinivasan more  
Mr. G.R.Srinivasan,

All said n done, but the ground reality we cannot ignore. We think we are progressing, but it is horizontal line progress only.
Simply any hypothesis can give some hypothesis n reasoning ,but than what our experts , industrialists n scientist, economists have done in the name of globalisation?
We only brought automobile manufacturers ignoring public transport system improvement with rise in population, urbanisation we never thought about the problems n threats this will pose to the environment. Any standards of Air quality may not be enough to bring down the pollution. Greenhouse effects are a different reason besides what is at present Delhi region is facing

We may talk a lot ideologically, but what is needed at the ground level is like getting some addicted person to make him destruction . Means stop use of personal vehicles , use public transport.

The other contributors are industries, unauthorised manufacturing practices using spurious fuel. Like industrial waste solvents, hydrocarbons.

Any short term measures are like doing patch work. We have no long term plan. It seems there is no will at all.

Speed has ruined our social- economic and environment balance.

I don't see any concern among the citizens at all. more  
"6. Phasing out old Diesel /Petrol vehicle as per Government Pollution rules ruthlessly. " Please be cautious, Benzine/electric vehicles have a higher output of ultrafine nanoparticles which are more harmful than the "bigger" diesel particles. more  
You are correct in pointing out that electric vehicles do create PM2.5 + pollution due to tire wear, brake pad wear, road wear and re-suspending the dust on the road. The solution actually requires significant investment in public transportation to reduce the number of vehicles on the road. The size of the vehicles is another important contributing factor - vehicles above a certain size (e.g., SUVs) should be banned in the cities.

But we have a long way to go to reach this point ... more  
A useful roadmap, but then there should also be people willing to carry it forward. more  
For long term measure order by LG that inafficecy will treat curption and diff dept will send to check each and every factory even those closed shutter ( they got information) and if fond they discharge pollution send m c d and dpcc officer jail within a week pollution lavel will down see road block by traders ,rehri,car seller, banquet hall send s h o and t i jail soon got results Thx more  
Every one has their view point. But what you have mentioned are long-term measures. And all these are discussed time and again . But unless and until sincere efforts n strong will nothing can happen, you know that . Yes on a single day number of vehicles on the road if controlled can have it's definite effect. Now again coming back to the fuel quality, the engine oils used in every vehicle are also major cause of pollution, besides vehicles engine conditions. How many are getting done overhauling of their engines, exhaust pipes. Unless like UK we have MOT centres across the city n periodically compulsory checking of each vehicle we cannot have perfect engines complying with EPA norms. Regarding the public transport system , there are hundreds of citizen feels below dignity to make use of public transport I have also suggested to install urea tanks in all heavy vehicles , n also discourage vehicle manufacturers to gradually cut down production of diesel driven engines. Diesel prices must be raised n no subsidies diesel to be sold. Sometime back also supreme court banned use of Petroleum coke. But there are technologies where all industries who use petroleum coke can also control emission of obnoxious changing n modifying the stack adding a scavenger which scrubs majority of pollutants like , co.co2, SO2,SO3 gases. Those details cannot be mentioned here just in brief. Jai Hind more  
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