Fusion : Avoids Generation of the Dangerous Long-Lived Radioactive Waste

Fusion lives upto its reputation as a very clean energy source, devoid of the pollution and greenhouse gas(GHG) emissions produced by burning of fossil fuels and the dangerous long-lived radioactive waste created by the current nuclear power plants, which use the splitting of uranium to produce energy.

Fusion, the nuclear reaction that makes star shine, could provide a source of bountiful energy in future.

However fusion is unlikely to become available on a widespread, practical scale for decades if ever. Fusion would be essentially an emission- free source of energy and as a reliable clean energy source for homes and industries that might take several years for practical realization.

A recent attempt in US didnot generate energy in excess of the energy used to trigger reaction in first place.

There is no reason to believe that nations that succeed will share their technological knowhow with countries that are relatively poorer or have less sophisticated technology and engineering driven establishments. more  

Each experiment for fusion, say fusion of couple of hydrogen atoms and/or its heavier isotopes need financial sanctions of reasonably high order. Resultant mass post fusion will have mass lower than individual atoms and the difference coming out as energy is easier said than done. Air quality at many locations are falling. In Kolkata (Bidhannagar,Ballygunge, Victoria...), for example AQIs are in `very poor' range with PM2.5 being the prominent pollutant, data shows. This can cause respiratory related difficulties. Shrinking global supplies and high prices have potentially driven `demand destruction' of natural gas/LNG in price-sensitive sectors like power and refining. Aug.,2022 data shows that LNG imports by India are near multiyear lows. more  
Yes. Sun rays been shining on our planet since aeons, but have we made enough use of them, for being generated by fusing nucleus of 2 hydrogen atoms inside the sun, man could utilisng that source, as clean energy, say that he had harnessed nuclear fusion, indirectly. Fusion, done commercially still decades away. By then other climate change aspect would become far more palpable. more  
The energy transition need to be accelerated. Gas use has to increase. The pressure on prices exist - they can be eased by saving energy and increase LNG import capacity and thus expedite the energy transition process. Hydrogen cannot yet replace the demand for natural gas in near future. For the short term, realizing additional LNG import capacity is therefore the most appropriate approach to stabilise prices on the gas market. The additional LNG reduces supply scarcity and thus can contribute in lowering the gas prices. Countries are looking beyond - many want to have for their exclusive use custom built LNG carriers. Having own fleet of LNG carriers enable efficient management of shipments and strengthen position in the global LNG market. Some of these LNG carriers can carry approximately 70000 t of LNG, equivalent to about 100 mcm of regasified natural gas. These fleet of LNG carriers are built using cutting edge engineering solutions to improve economies of LNG transport. Low boil-off rates, boil-off gas reverted back to liquid state ( onboard reliquefaction system) are some of the features of these fleets. LNG carrier vessels are able to run in both diesel and natural gas to ensure compliance with environmental standards for maritime transport well into the future. more  
Very good, but right now fusion mostly theoretical owing to the vast amount of energy required for making this happen. Of course the benefit is that radiactive waste, that nuclear fission generates, is entirely avoided. Making this practical, however a few years away. Philosophically speaking, why should any solution, especially one so bountiful and revolutionary as the one replicating the reactions in stars, be easily doable here on Earth. Has man done justice with solar energy? No, still we burn fossil fuels, abanduntly! Greed, whether that of petroleum producers, alongwith consumerist tendencies, or the economics more prime than the rationality and humanity's sustainability . more  
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