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What is LocalCircles

LocalCircles takes Social Media to the next level and makes it about Communities, Governance and Urban Daily Life. With LocalCircles, a citizen can get connected with their Government, City, Causes, Neighborhood, Interest, Needs and any other communities they are a part of.

When citizens get connected and become communities, it leads to transparency, easy availability of trusted information, easier collective action to address common issues and an easier/better urban daily life.

Using LocalCircles, organizations can reach out to citizens and understand collective issues, challenges, solutions, opportunities, pulse at macro or micro levels.

Here are some of the examples of things that people can do with LocalCircles:

  • Give inputs to your National Government

    • Sharing Corruption related issues in Government Offices
    • Solutions to improve Women and Child Safety
  • Participate in Local Governance

    • Share common Law & Order issues with District Police
    • Work with your elected representative to make your District cleaner
  • Have a Say

    • Create awareness when something is not working
    • Create and participate in community polls
  • Get connected with your Neighborhood

    • Easily organize local social or community events
    • Easily find assistance in case of an Emergency
  • Stay connected with causes you care about

    • Cleanliness, Safety, Find/Donate Blood, Civic Sense
  • Connect with people with common interests

    • Kitchen Gardening, Entrepreneurship, Exchanging Books
    • Orthopaedics, Cardiology or Homeopathy Treatment
  • Find reliable information for your local needs

    • Reference of a trusted Doctor for your child
    • Finding reference of a local service provider
  • Borrow, Rent, Buy, or Sell in a trusted local environment

    • Borrowing a 6 foot-ladder for a quick household repair
    • Buying an apartment from another citizen directly
  • Rate Products/Services and create community awareness

    • A business that went above and beyond
    • A service provider that didn't deliver to promises

Social Media for Communities, Governance and Urban Daily Life

Our Core Beliefs and Values


Accountability is the foundation of building trust and promoting responsible behaviour in a society. We want to provide a platform that increases visibility for the good and the responsible and demands accountability from the ones who don't deliver to their promises.


Doing the right thing is not always the easiest thing to do. We understand this and will not promote local businesses that do not meet the trust bar of our community members.


Sharing information or answering questions that makes someone's daily life easier is the easiest form of giving back to our society. We want to provide an easy to use platform that fosters this form of giving.

Social Impact

There is a strong synergy between creating sustainable social value and financial value. While our goal is to deliver value for our stakeholders, positively transforming daily lives is our first and foremost objective.

Security and Privacy

LocalCircles understands the importance of keeping your information secure and protecting your privacy at all times. The entire platform is designed keeping that in mind. Here are some of the measures that we take to achieve this objective.

Secure and Closed Circles

All Circles at LocalCircles are closed and require an invitation or approval before someone can join. All your Circle activity is visible only to your Circle members and will never appear on internet searches.

Use of Real Identities

All members are required to sign up with their real names and all their interactions and submissions will refer to their real name.

Quickly Addressing Inappropriate Behavior

All members have the capability to report and remove inappropriate content. Members can also file a complaint against any member behaving inappropriately.

Protecting Your Information

LocalCircles uses high standards of encryption technology to ensure that your information is securely transmitted. All your information is kept securely and is never shared with any third-party providers.

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