Forced scraping of vehicles based on age only is unjustified

This relates to blanket order of Hon Supreme court and National Green Tribunal to scrap all vehicles by age, irrespective of its condition, which is unjustified and severe penalty for vehicle owners, specifically for residents of Delhi and NCR, based on hearsay with no solid data to prove these vehicles being the cause of pollution.

We have private cars of different age, not much used and in perfect condition, fully fit and meeting pollution control norms, so why we are forced to scrap those cars? One luxury diesel car done less then 30,000 km and fully fit and in perfect condition is being made to scrap after 10 years, causing serious loss to the owner, why?

My request is to relook at this situation, and amend this order to insist on fitness and condition of the vehicle, without blind order. It seems as the government has failed to enforce PUC on vehicles on road, due to this failure we all are being punishined unreasonably to forcibly scrap a good and fit vehicle, for no valid and justified reasons............ lets raise our voice on this please and Local Circles may take this up soon.... thanks more  

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The mass adoption of EVs has been called a revolution. We are in the early stages of a multi-year trend in the adoption of EVs. But EV revolution willnot be that easy. Rising cost of battery metals and the impact that it will have on affordability of EVs. Range, time to charge, decreased battery life in extreme temperatures, battery catching fire spontaneously are other issues. So fill your gas tank of your vehicles ..... while you still can. more  
Pollution laws for contaiment thereof, i.e. rule of 10 years for diesel vehicles came into force in the year 2015 when in India it caused yearly around 74,000 premature deaths! What about those cars running since the year 1997, or even the SUV's such as Tata Qualis launched 15 and having sold by the years earlier, running on diesel? They including the customers who bought them had already contributed towards their share of pollution. Hence, what goes around, comes around. In fact, the rich have gotten away too easily, considering those affected above, mostly being the poor. Rich have their luxury bubbles saving them, but then there remain 90 crores, the relatively poor. No business cares about them. Government through policy measures must step in! more  
Why did the owner purchase the car, knowing that diesel is polluting? All such people were looking at was subsidised fuel. Did he think about those breathing the air, and their fundamental right to breathe clean air? Poor also face a phenomenon known as medical poverty. Diesel compared with petrol, even when passed by the testing PUC granting authority remains far more, many times more polluting! Biodiesel could be the only clean alternative, such as used around the developed world. Of course the manufacturers too have a responsibility in manufacturing such cars, and get incentivised by subsidy paid by taxpayers ultimately, to dieselise their car production. In an era where we are talking of EVs and CNG based vehicles, those who can afford, must contribute towards cleaner environment. more  
Generally people used to purchase diesel car to get better cost of running as compared to petrol car, specialty when they have lot of daily travelling. There was no consideration about pollution or subsidy in fuel. more  
The rule should exclude private cars of different age, not much used and in perfect condition, fully fit and meeting pollution control norms. more  
Many people maintain car because of poor public transport service and use the car when absolutely necessary. Every day increasing cost of petrol also significantly contributing to less use of car. In said circumstances, discarding a car because of its age is unacceptable. more  
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