Roof rights,role of judiciary and police

Roof rights,car parking etc are denied by mighty builders
What's to be done?
Seniors are sandwiched between mighty builders
Do they have time, money or energy to splurge on lawyers?
Answer is No
Please read this article published in January 20

It will be helpful to lots of people caught in a dilemma
Daily fights ensue, verbal spats between the women vs lonely Seniors.
Builders are smart to stay away from the fighting women because of their gang of women belonging to the clever builders
Isn't it a Routine fight between women?
Why should police or RWA intervene?

Read the above article carefully and know about your rights regarding
Non access to the common roof incase of calamities like fire or earthquake

Each word is drafted carefully to help us, the commoners

Area police have lots of powers
One needn't go to a lawyer to get justice

Article clearly states that the entry to common roof is for all residents of the building living in different floors

Regarding fire safety and powers of area police, I am going to share with friends in another article
Area police Can Intervene incase the Risks of fire are visible to everyone from a distance more  

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Police seems to be helpless incase builders caught in doing illegalities dares to dial 100 to complain against the women owners because of male chauvinist money powers There's no Punishment for the mighty builders for calling Police by dial 100 and no proofs are found against the women who are busy with their lives and are working despite age related issues more  
From; Sudhir Kataria     Roof is a common area which has water tanks/ TV Dish entannas etc. of each floor in any building having different owners on each floor. Any additional construction on the roof is a danger to the building unless it has been designed to take a load bearing capacity of the structure  as designed and passed by a structural Engineer under the building laws and building plan passed by Municipal corporation. Therfore It is illegal to carry out any construction on roof top without any building plan and structural safety certificate required from an approved qualified structural Engineer. The builders are cheating the owners by selling the roof which is illegal under the law.Sudir KatariaFrom: Dr. Neelam Nath Sent: Tue, 14 Jul 2020 12:12:56To: katariasudhir@rediffmail.comSubject: "Roof rights,role of judic..." more  
Wishing for authorities to read it more  
Strong RWA is the only way- for future RERA Rules will help but for old issues only RWA or legal remedy more  
Strong RWA? Wishful thinking..RWA is social service. There's no RWA in our block. At other blocks,there's lots of infighting among members to the extent that matters have reached courts. We need a Strong Judiciary and lawyers and police personnel who are willing to use extra judicial power incase the building is showing cracks
But above everyone are wannabe leaders and political parties
Some of the elected representatives break open the locks,incase of sealing the unauthorised place
We need a quick justice meted out, taking help from area police, courts more  
For everyone who feels that newspapers articles are of no value for proofs,please read carefully again. The article is written by consulting leading lawyers. It is enlightening and morale boosting and clarification of doubts about top floor owners of barsati floor pretending to have powers of roof. In reality barsati floor owner can use his terrace and not entire roof Barsati floor owner is adept at confusing the police about definition of roof vs terrace We can send such literate people back to school or fine them enough so that lots of others like him will never abuse powers of owning just a barsati floor!! more  
Madam , Can we have Guidlines as per any clause etc to inform Police as & when such issue happens with any of our Circle members in their RWA . Police will not take up unless we have valid evidence. Local newspaper cutting will not have sufficient proof. more  
Valid evidence is visible from a distance! more  
Police has authority to take up a high risk case,like old building with tons of illegal structures on a small plot & no escape route for residents living on every floor of building.
But why should police take up the case?
Risk to lives is relative phenomenon.
Only Hope is through the Courts,provided seniors & others get together to take on the mighty builder head on to get justice.
Seniors can be benefited through senior citizen act-2005,get quicker justice. more  
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