MCD Commissioner has issued a notice in TOI about Illegal Constructions.

A must read notice by everyone who believe that entire Delhi is full of illegal housing units,added flats etc and honest law abiding citizens should learn to live with iIlegalities around them because authorities are helpless !

Politicians are playing vote bank politics of please all,to gather more votes.
It is good for law abiding citizens that MCD is under central government and not under Delhi government.

We the citizens,holding on to Completion Certificates and MCD approved maps for 40+ years plus have reasons to feel happy.
CC and MCD approved maps would be available online.

The owner/builder and such illegal premises are liable for multiple actions under various provisions of the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act,1957 including demolition and sealing as well as criminal action against the wrongdoer by way of launching prosecution.

Do read TOI Delhi and feel reassured in badly managed Delhi during past 30 years plus. more  

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Why not REAs are held responsible for all unauthorized constrictions in their colonies more  
Supporters / commission agents of TALIBAN /RAPIST/ FANATIC / ORTHODOX BJP will teach us --" basics of respecting humans,irrespective of gender". more  
Kindly read my comment properly with a relaxed brain , please . Have i written any thing against that person ? Kindly do not behave like a biased person . DRINK NIMBU PANI more  
Why are you full of poison? I just read another comment made by you towards another human being who has written a post in LC. CM punjab dancing in Gujrat and you are against everyone who wants progress of Punjab first and Gujrat later...
Political differences can be plenty.
Using filthy language and meteing out own frustrations on LC does not suit decent people.
It is time for LC admin to put a brakes on likes of you. more  
@Sanam Arora,just ignore this guy. As working women,we seldom meet likes of him who feel great in offending women who are educated and mean business. I agree with you that his mamma didnt teach him basics of respecting humans,irrespective of gender. more  
Women uncle ?? you mean TRANSGENDER ? more  
She,Sanam Arora told you- didnt your mamma not teach you how to talk to women,uncle ?
Are you okay with aqddition of a comma?
If you still prefer to divert the issue to transgenders,I pity likes of you who are adept at diverting issue of illegal constructions in Delhi. more  
"दिल्ली में अवैध निर्माण" - मैं मादीपुर, पश्चिम दिल्ली में रहता हूँ। मैं इसके बारे में भी जानता हूं, लेकिन मैं सत्तारूढ़ दल का पक्षपाती व्यक्ति/कमीशन एजेंट नहीं हूं, जो हमेशा यह निष्कर्ष निकालता है कि - "तालिबान बीजेपी सबसे अच्छी है" और अन्य सभी भ्रष्ट, एंटी नेशनल, पाक/चीन के एजेंट हैं। ------ "Illegal Constructions in Delhi "-- i stay in MADIPUR, WEST DELHI. I am also aware about it, but i am not a biased person / commission agent of ruling party , who always conclude that -- "TALIBAN BJP IS THE BEST" and all others are CORRUPT, ANTI NATIONAL, AGENT OF PAK/CHINA more  
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