Purifier versus Humidifier

What an air purifier does is that it takes in the polluted air and cycles it a number of times, filtering out the pollutants, thereby improving the air quality drastically. A purifier contains a number of filters, such as the HEPA filter specially created to trap even small particulate matters like PM 2.5 and let out fresh, breathable air. It also purifies air from all sorts of smoke and bacteria but doesn’t add back the moisture to the air.

The humidifier also purifies air but at the same time, it also adds much-needed moisture to the air present inside which is lacking as the toxins stick to the air droplets and repel the moisture. This comes in extremely handy for people who suffer from nasal and chest infections, sinusitis, and other issues which are caused by dry air.

While it does remove allergens from the air, the basic aim of a humidifier is to remove dry air and relieve irritation. For it to function properly, one needs to add water to the machine on a regular basis. It is best suited for dry areas.

It’s possible to use both an air humidifier as well as purifier at the same time for added protection. Although, given the pollution levels breaching the dangerous mark, installing an air purifier should be a priority. A humidifier can remove certain irritants and make the air more pleasant to breathe, while a purifier would filter all types of toxins from the air.

If you are experiencing symptoms of sneezing, coughing, runny or scratchy nose alongside a nagging headache, going for a purifier would be the safest bet. But, if you suffer from sinusitis, getting a humidifier could solve problems greatly. more  

Humidifier not clean the air only add moisture as air filter not installed in humidifier. Only add moisture more  
MR VIPIN NAGORI .. a lot of Pollutants do get removed by Moisture also, even without a Filter ! more  
i agree those with critical illness and can afford should go for air purifier.use of facemask and keeping doors and windows in case of extreme pollution can also help a lot. more  
The main pollution in Indian cities are sulphur dioxide, particulate matter and lead, and carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and ozone, due to the large number of vehicles plying on the highways and roads. Traffic jams add to the pollution. This is of particular concern as high levels of particulates are known to increase mortality rates. The best solution is that people should opt for public transport like buses, metro, local trains etc. The quality and number of public transport should be increased, and made more cleaner and friendly for ladies, children, elderly etc. Pooling of rickshaws and taxi should be encouraged to reduce pollution. CNG and Electric vehicles should be encouraged for private use. This will reduce pollution in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and other cities. more  
Delhi & all of India has had this similar Pollution for at least 20 years now, thanks to the West-led-gift of El Nino .. we are just more aware now, thanks to the Social Media, Media & Newer Cheaper Equipment available to measure these anytime !! All of us have lived & survived all these till now and are OKly Healthy too !!

While I don't deny that we should take precautions against any known hazard, the Commercial Industries of Air Purifier is now venturing into Humidifiers & even Ozone Generators !!
Soon there will be 10 other such additions just like in Toothpaste, you have Salt, Calcium, Neem, etc. !! & you will keep buying all those too !!

The best it seems is to have an Air Cooler running all the time as it will remove Pollutants & give enough Water & oxygen !! more  
Pal, NDTV etc. are just paid by these Newbie Industries to help sell their non-selling Products !! more  
It is true that industries are exaggerating the pollution issue, but one cant ignore the effect of pollution as the life expectancy is getting reduced.

Please go through the article. https://www.ndtv.com/delhi-news/delhis-air-quality-in-2016-reduced-life-expectancy-by-10-years-study-1950082

Air coolers are one way of reducing the pollution, but cant be used in winter. Pollution will be higher in winter due to low hanging smog and other effects. more  
Interesting write up.Air Purifiers are becoming a necessity like water purifiers.Correctly stated the choice depends on local conditions. Cost may also be a factor.

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