Improve air quality by system improvement

Some times we look around to find root cause of problem while we ignore obvious cause. To my observation we need to improve system in respect of following two things which contribute to great extent to air pollution.
1. Digging of road sides for cable laying or laying pipeline etc. It is noticed after laying work is completed the contractor do not cover it properly with cement plaster. Contractor are allowed to leave the digged portion covered with loose dust. This remains there for years together and no body cares. PWD ignores it. When vehicles pass over it, dust spreads in to environment. This contribute more pollution than emission of vehicle.
We target at emission norms ignoring major pollutants. PWD and cable layers of various service providers of communication network are main culprits.
2. Delhi has poor system of garbage lifting. While sweeping of roads is done, the accumulated garbage is left in small collection on road side. There is no system to lift this garbage immediately. As a result either with wind or by vehicles this again mix in to environment resulting in dirty road and polluted air. Even Kolkata has a system that two sweeper work in tandom. One sweeps other lifts the garbage in a hand pulled cart and takes it to designated garbage place.
We need to improve systems. Such systematically introduced small steps can make a big difference. more  

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Dear Virendra ji,
We can clear of the Air in the metro cities, in spite of the construction work, PWD digging and refilling, other such activities. We have the most sustainable and effective solution to restore the environment.
Only handicap is to make the government machinery work on a solution that is never endorsed by government.
If you want, we can discuss it further to make it happen. more  
What if nitrogen level ie either NO or NO2 is more? Will it affect the monsoon? If i am not wrong than cloud burst don't take place, isn't it? more  
Now a days in Gujarat most of the government departments and municipalities are following online tendering process , concern authority is considering first the technical bid ,and after finalizing technical compabity only the open the financial bid.
But in my opinion the problem is with third party inspection and certification of work, which is allotted to L1 bidder. The The third party monitoring agency is also finalize by tendering process, and if you see the price quoted by L1 agency is too low, Which is not sufficient to check the ingredients quality, thorough process and other parameters of the tender.
In my opinion, inspection, quantity control, and process control, maintaing safety and environmental parameters are very important issues, which should be properly checked by third party monitoring agency. But with such a small amount how L1 agency cross check and audit the massive work. They might be obliged by the contractor.
Government and verious departments need to look into this very sincerely.
If third party control is proper no waste or unused debris
Will be left on work site. more  
I also agree with your views because air dust is the major cause of air pollution.any road digging should be repaired immediately after the work is completed and all dust must be cleaned/removed. more  
every public admin work is never complete , technology used is very very primitive the governments L1 business should stop in tenders first priority should be technical merit and experience and only expert company having minimum 15 years of good reliable experience should be awarded should have rating of company done annually for performance one time bank guarantee to be submitted with least 5 years maintenance cost more  
Yes good points for tender system. Two bid system can also help where price bid of only those vendors is opened who are technically found fit. But specifications should be drawn to close digged up places with cement plaster. more  
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