In the last one hundred days after the present government has taken over in Tamil Nadu , there has been excessive focus on reforming Hindu religion. So many other issues such as corruption in the government machinery at all levels , rapidly increasing liquor addiction in the state , tax evasion and huge debt burden etc. have not received much attention similar , to what “reforming” Hindu religion has received,

Every other day, government has been announcing that it has retrieved the unauthorisedly occupied land belonging to Hindu temples. While this has created an impression that Tamil Nadu government is favourably disposed towards Hindu temples, it was then said that the retrieved land would be utilised for setting up educational institutions.

While the government is administering many Hindu temples , government is not owner of them. It cannot use the temple land for any purpose as it wants.

Now, the government has appointed archakas belonging to various castes for several Hindu temples , replacing the traditional archakas, who have much knowledge and experience about temple rituals.

This has introduced an element of confusion amongst the Hindu devotees.

Many believe that this could even weaken the traditional practices of rituals in Hindu temples

Temples occupy pivotal place in Hindu religion. Weakening the Hindu temples could be the sure way of weakening the Hindu religion.

N.S.Venkataraman more  

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Nobody is needed to reform Hindu Religion. According to scriptures, when the time comes, necessary reform will take place. It is futile for Government to meddle in this rather than governance of many other matters that need urgent attention. But, by the way, these are being done to divert attention to lack of ideas with the Government because the previous Government had done many things well. Present Government should just concentrate on continuation of beneficial schemes and progress those matters. Better advise to the Government is to devote their time to necessary actions rather than considering it necessary to meddle in Hindu temples and religion. more  
one year learning Agamas is just a joke. I dont know whether the students supposed to have studied know at least what is the meaning of Agamas. If they had really learnt the meaning of Agama, they would not dare to enter into Archaka profession in Agama temples. Unfortunately jokers have entered in to the temples. The real place for them is in Circus koodaram and not temples. First let them become sweepers, cleaners of the temples.They are supposed to sweep only certain places of the temples and certainly not Balipeetam. First I want to test the poojaris newly appointed in the temples know this fact. more  
It is nothing new. Anticipated one. When they have no faith in religion etc., they should keep away from all these. They term it as social justice. Fact is that no archakas are earning any big money in that profession and practice. These happened as a sequel of DK and DMK repeated flase propaganda that higher casts are dominating for over 3000 years and that social justice is needed. However, where from the social justice should start. Now, let each political party (those family dominated and otherwise also) in India come out and tell its top leaders that you/your family member have already occupied a position of power (say CM/Minister/Board Chairman etc.,) for around so many years and why the other should not occupy that position. If an honest answer is given then we can say that these politicians are really aiming for social justice. Another area is this NEET business. It is very evident that with opening of so many medical colleges., money making will be difficult for these politicians if students take effort and secure the required marks. Afterall it is not difficult to train them with qualified teachers whether the students are in urban areas or rural areas. With Engineering field of education losing its charm, politicians turn their attention to medical area for money making. Finally You can never win an argument with a negative person. They only hear what suits them and listen only to respond. V.A.Sankaran. more  
The voters who brought these to power only has to think and wait for another five years and nothing can be done. They had found a unique way to make exorbitant money using the temple lands by vacating those occupied it for lesser return. more  
DMK once did this under Karunanidhi rule.They lost their power for 10 years. They wanted to hoodwink the people of Tamilnadu.99.99999% of Brahmins and Non Brahmins never aspire to become Archakas in the temples. more so in Agama temples. Because they knew that it not neither a prestigious job and feel ashemed to have tuft in their head and do Archana with bearchest.All temples including Mriamman temples Pujaaris follow the same. There is no wrtten script for Agamas. Only Sivachariyars ,Vaikanasas, Pancharathra,and Saktha Agama Archakas learn the pooja rituals from generations to generations from their elders. Even Bramins cannot become Archakas. Archaka Community for Temples are unique and nobody can replace them.This is called "Vinasa kalae Vipareetha Buddhi" Any govt.Which interfers in the rituals of the Temples will not survaive its full term, Mogal rule did not survaive, But British were able to rule our country for more than 200 years but never interfered in the temple rituals. Let us wait and see the fall of DMK Govt .Its a matter of time whether it is 5 months or 500 days or 1000 days. They are so clever that they are keeping mum about the 302 grounds,22000 buildings of Kapaleeswarar temple for which they are collecting only Rs.3000 instead of market value of rent is more than 11 crores . which would help Hindu Children who live in and around 2 kilometers have good Hindu traditional education with food and modern education. Let C.M.Stalin and HRCE Minister Hon'ble sekar Babu answer for this. Already bad omens started, Yes the poor slum construction of Multistoreyed building in Pulianthoppu . Now it is not time to blame A.D.M.K. govt. We know very well how many D.M.K contractors were beneficiries in this project. Udaiya suriyan is set to for its sunset in Tamilnadu. Even one drop of tears from poor sivachariyars and traditional archakas and Poojaris fell in the ground will become deathknell for the DMK govt. Its Gandhijis tears became deathknell for British Govt in India. more  
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