Bangalore to Chennai in 2 hours

1.Reduced Travel Time: The Bengaluru-Chennai expressway is expected to significantly reduce travel time between the two cities. Once inaugurated in January 2024, it will take only 2 hours to travel the distance, making it a much faster option compared to other modes of transportation.

2.Faster than the Vande Bharat Train: Currently, it takes around 4 hours for the Vande Bharat train to travel between Bengaluru and Chennai. With the expressway, travelers can look forward to saving half the time it takes by train.

3.Comparable to Flight Time: The expressway’s 2-hour travel time makes it almost comparable to taking a flight between the two cities, which typically takes around 1 hour. This will provide travelers with an alternative option to flying, especially for shorter distances.

4.Enhanced Connectivity: The expressway will provide improved connectivity between Bengaluru and Chennai, benefiting both cities economically by facilitating faster movement of goods, services, and people.

5.Increased Tourism Potential: The reduced travel time between the two cities can potentially boost tourism in the region. With quicker access to attractions and landmarks, tourists can explore more places within a shorter span of time.

6.Infrastructure Development: The construction of the expressway showcases significant infrastructure development in the region. This not only benefits commuters but also creates employment opportunities and contributes to the overall growth of the area. more  

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The travel time of 2 hours isnt Chenni Bangalore, but Hoskote to Sriperumbudur 30 + 40 KM as Mr. Padmanabhan mentioned. Bangalore (where is the ' 0' stone Kalasipalayam o Lalbagh ?) to Hoskote 30KM it takes 65 minutes generally and may take more time during weekends. Sriperumbudur to Chenaai 40KM (' 0' stone near paris corner) takes 80 Minuts. This adds to 2hours 25 minute.So the total time travelled is 4 hours plus and not 2 hours. Government Agencies shouldnot make tall Claims like Comercial Companies. But make good roads to travel and charge nominally coresponding to the extent that the passengers will save on Fuel. more  
A. Mani On Tuesday, 12 September, 2023 at 09:31:52 am GMT-4, Tamilnadu chemical wrote: A. Mani On Monday, 11 September, 2023 at 11:10:07 am GMT-4, Tamilnadu chemical wrote: A. Mani On Friday, 8 September, 2023 at 04:19:08 am GMT-4, Sarita Ravichandran wrote: more  
A. Mani On Monday, 11 September, 2023 at 11:10:07 am GMT-4, Tamilnadu chemical wrote: A. Mani On Friday, 8 September, 2023 at 04:19:08 am GMT-4, Sarita Ravichandran wrote: more  
A. Mani On Friday, 8 September, 2023 at 04:19:08 am GMT-4, Sarita Ravichandran wrote: more  
First of all, the expressway starts at Hoskote (30 kms from Central Bangalore) and ends at Sriperumbudur (40kms from Chennai proper). So, one can conveniently add at least 3 hours to the commute. As for covering the expressway distance in 2 hours, the expressway should be totally obstacle free and cruising at a constant speed of at least 120kmph. Given our drivers and their discipline, not sure how feasible this is. Now, let us look at the existing Highway via Krishnagiri. We usually cover the distance of about 350kms, door to door and starting by 630am, in about 6 hours 30 mins, with a couple of breaks and a max speed of 100kmph (where possible). A few days back, when we drove the distance, it took us 9 hours, Thanks to the constructions and adding lanes to the highway. A few bottlenecks on the highway, if removed or reduced, would significantly reduce the driving time. - Enforce traffic discipline (just putting up sign boards is not enough). slow moving vehicles (especially trucks and tempos) to stick to left lane. - Absolute NO to parking on highway lanes - Separate barricaded lane for two wheelers. Today, they drive all across the road and they don't even pay toll. - Safe and easy pedestrian crossing for those living on either side of the highway. - Autos and the likes to be on the service lane. They usually travel a short distance. - Separate the wide end of the roads with barricades - Ambur, Sriperumbudur arch onwards to Chennai need improvements. Similarly, Attibelle to Bangalore, traffic needs to be streamlined. - Have 2 tolls at Krishnagiri, one for vehicles from Salem side and one from Vellore side. - Ensure that all fast tag lanes are open. Have cameras at least a km before the counter so that those without fast tag can be stopped then and there. No cash should be accepted. I think, the above do not need major investment or destruction of environment. With some modifications and will, they can be implemented. Adding more lanes will also not reduce the travel time. more  
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