Government of Tamil Nadu is spending several hundred crore of rupees every year in maintaining the government schools. Teachers in the government schools are very well paid. Students studying in government schools enjoy considerable benefits such as free meals and are provided text books, school bags, uniform, cycles, laptops free of charge . There is practically no tuition fees.

Inspite of such incentives , poor families hesitate to send their children to government schools. The hesitancy of the poor families would become very clear, if anyone would care to talk to the parents and interact with them.

These days, most of the families in Tamil Nadu including those belonging to lower income group have only two children and are very keen to provide best education to their children.

Many women and children, particularly in the poor families, are suffering , as many menfolk have taken to liquor habit in a big way and squander their earnings.
In Tamil Nadu today, number of poor families are managed by mothers and grand mothers , who work hard and run the families. The important aspiration of these mothers and grand mothers is that the children should be educated well and they must be provided with quality education. They think that discipline in most government schools are poor and the climate in the schools are not very conducive to provide quality education . Therefore, they are afraid that their children would not be benefited to get quality education , if they would be admitted in the government schools. This is the ground reality whether the government would admit or not.

Under the circumstances, many poor families want to admit their children in private schools in spite of exhorbitant fees, as private schools are believed to provide quality education.

Of course, there are government aided schools ( which are different from government owned schools) where the discipline and educational standards are better and fees are minimal but they are few and far between and very limited in number in Tamil Nadu. More government aided schools are not coming up.

As the government of Tamil Nadu want to enable the poor children to get quality education, the government must necessarily improve the standards of government schools. This is not difficult , if the government have the will to do so.
Probably, this will happen if the Chief Minister would order that all children of ministers and their close families as well as the children of IAS and IPS officers and their close families and other government employees should send their children only to the government schools.

There is nothing wrong in such government policy , as the ministers and government employees get salaries and perks from the government and enjoy variety of benefits including life long pension for them and the government schools are owned and managed by the government. Then , with such policy, the government and the authorities would ensure that standards in government schools would improve, atleast in their self interest.

This may be an utopian and unrealistic expectation but this will meet the need of the poor families and the need of the day.

Nandini Voice For The Deprived more  

Yes you are right the past decade was ptretty bad for the Govt. Schools.Teacher selection is the most important aspect, where the Governments fail. Then the infra structure andfacilities available in the Village schools come next. In India TN and a few other states are way ahead regarding the Government Schools. School drop ouuts are minimal.The Free meals eggs fruits are all not freebees.Before any one calls the Investment in the State , I like to quote the reality: The surplus produced eggs and banans in the state gets a Market expansion and sort of encourages Agriculture and Industry (poultry). Of course to say the big scam in supplies to the free meals schems 2 or 3 years back was a black spot. Any way such things will be at the backof the mind with this Government. more  
Teachers in Govt schools are not better qualified and if facts are digged upon, many may be holding their degrees only thro purchased certificates. Also, because of high level of corruption, many of them got thro the qualifying exams and become a teacher. When such is the case, one can see only materialistic improvement like uniform/shoes/cycles etc.,. More importantly, any ruling govt., for the sake of votes, apply cast basis and appoint teachers even if they are not qualified and do not have the aptitude towards teaching. I can vouch this and put need records. Worst many of the teachers are doing part times jobs of real estate, financing during their duty hours. If proper judgement on people who got their higher degrees thro proper straightforward efforts and merit also measured properly, there is no need for any parent to worry about their wards getting a good quality education. V A Sankaran more  
If the Government is really interested in educating the poor, then they should have opened schools/colleges in every nook and corner of the state. Instead they allowed private schools/colleges to flourish. Its a known fact that without the support of Government no private school or college can survive. Teacher's performance can be measured only thru his ability to bring up a dull student. But those kind of teachers are becoming hard to find. When recruitment in teaching profession is decided by Money.. what kind of a quality can be expected??. more  
Good thinking and suggestions for minister n buerocs to send their kids to govt schools..but many of ministers n even from CMs family few High end schools are in existence n its a well known concept of owning schools n colleges to manage huge unacceptable.I funds thro school trusts etc.. more  
The teachers are not reaching property Most of the teachers not having teachings cabability They simply pass on the time' in the classroom more  
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