Nandini Voice for the Deprived, a Chennai based non government organization organized an essay competition for students in Tamil Nadu on “ Is teachers’ strike in Tamil Nadu appropriate ?”

A number of school and college students from all over Tamil Nadu participated in the essay competition and submitted their views.

The following five students were awarded prize in the competition

1. K. Sharone Snowfana - Annammal College of Education for Women, Tuticorin

2. M.Rahul - Loyola College, Chennai

3. A.V. Malavika – Saveetha College, Chennai

4. Nirosha Abdul Malik – Thassim Beevi Abdul Kader College for Women, Kilakarai, Ramanathapuram

5. K. Nandhini – G. Venkataswamy Naidu College, Kovilpatti

Around 55% of the students disapproved teachers going on strike. 20% of the students said that strike may be justified to some extent. The remaining 25% of the students were not able to give their conclusive view either way.

The highlights of the views of the students are given below

1.Teachers must be role model and not strike prone :

Teachers play the most important role in moulding the character and behavior of the students and therefore , teaching is a noble profession and the teachers must be role model for the students. Under the circumstances, teachers going on strike for whatever reasons is inappropriate.

2. Why not arbitration?

While teachers may have grievances, the government creating a condition where the teachers have to resort to strike is also condemnable.

Under the circumstances, a permanent arbitration committee of independent and eminent people should be constituted , where the grievances of the teachers can be presented and the views of the government heard and the decision of the arbitration committee should be binding on both the teachers and the government.

3.Are teachers insensitive to the need of the students ?:

Teachers’ in the government run institutions went on strike, where more than 90% of the students studying belong to lower income group who face variety of social stress due to family circumstances and poverty conditions.

The teachers in the government run educational institutions should understand that their responsibility to student community is much more than the teachers in the private institutions, since the students in the government run institutions need much more understanding and support from the teachers.

In the circumstances, teachers in government institutions have exposed themselves to the criticism that they are insensitive to the need of the poor students.

4. Salaries & perks :

Normally, students do not think about the salaries and perks given to the teachers . However, when the teachers go on strike due to salary issues , students inevitably think about the salaries of the teachers and compare it to other professions.

Teachers in government run institutions are certainly not under paid or face poverty conditions to justify their going on strike.

5. Bad role models :

Students look forward to teachers as their role models and most of the teachers are remembered life long by the students. Teachers , instead of being role models, have set up bad example by their strike conduct. They should have been more responsible and careful.

6. Timing of the strike :

Teachers went on strike near the examination time obviously to create a crisis like situation and force the government to yield. They could have agitated during the holidays or after the working hours.

Nandini Voice For The Deprived
nandinivoice.com more  

hmmm, it's unfortunate, teachers to learn from the wisdom exposed by the 55% students in the exam! Teaching profession needs lot of self understanding, as they are involved in moulding a Better Society for the future! How many teachers are able to put their palm on their heart and say, they are doing a NOBLE WORK! more  
The reason to go on strike is really a excuse as the politics involved due to the Political Party patronizing the strike has really doomed the education in Tamilnadu. Teachers salary hike should be compsared to the quality of education they give and not due to strike or the other. Every one and the family if dependent on Financial but compare the Private school teachers and how the quality education is. more  
When the students ( an immatured)know all this logic ,why the teachers ( the matured) don't know all these? This may be Eye opener. more  
well , teachers are also family members. They also live in the society and have to take care of all necessary issues including financial. It is a well known fact that in India, society does not respect teachers as they used to do in ancient times. In foreign countries, Academicians are paid on par with industry. Not so the case here. So the angst will always be there. There is need to address these issues pertaining to them, notwithstanding political hypocrisy in supporting teachers by just triggering strikes. more  
How you spend the money you earn is left to individual families and teachers and not on Govt. and managements . You cannot expect any employer to provide for all the expenses you incur, which is not under their control. Considering there are families much below the salary level of teachers running their families without going on strike, your logic for strike falls through.

If the family needs more money, nobody is preventing anyone from getting a more lucrative employment or career. more  

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