tamilnadu budget

the t n finance minister has laid down a road map for reducing the deficit.every public utitlity co.in the country is facing losses inspite of the fact that the during mr modi's first govt.in 2014,the then power minister mr piyush goyal made a grand announcement about relieving the burden of the power utility cos.by transferring the debt burden to the state govts.which in turn will make the power utility cos. debt free etc etc.just like many other grand announcements,this also did not work nationally.so no point of blaming tangedco alone.
recently the union railway minister said that in india operating the railways is a social sector subsidy.similarly bus transport is also a social subsidy and cannot be tinkered with.tamilnadu bus transport operations,functionally,is amongst the best in the country.
definitely the covid welfare measures in 2020 and 2021 has had disastrous effect on the state economies nationally;but what is more important is that the freebies offered by various political parties to get elected are the real culprits.and ofcourse the efficiency of operations and the salary and wages of the government departments are also killing..digitisation should be fast implemented and the work force should be reduced to bring down the salary bill of the governments.but some people will talk about employment..so this is really a double edged- sword.
citizens,especially the tax paying ones,should urgently start a movement to protest against the freebies offered by the political parties so that the funds spent on this can be diverted to education,healthcare,social benefits for BPL families etc. more  

Literacywise both TN and Kerala boast of being the best. But they are poor thinkers in electing the government that will help the state. Cheats like DMK support all decisions of the congress govt when they were in alliance at the centre like Jallikattu, Sterlite, NEET etc and now they oppose when they are in power in State. They make it free in Buses for Ladies (which was never a demand) making transport corporations to bleed, reduce aavin price making Milk production unit to bleed. You have to provide better service to people not offer freebies. more  
Nation requires politicians who get elected by people to do maximum justice by delivering on ground rather only left over as presentations. Awareness of People is increasing and can decide on it surely. Politicians getting in power should have National interest, 5 years will not be the parameter if they want to carry on the business on long term. more  
Financial prudence and good governance is the last characteristic that you can expect from the politicians who are more interested in selfish growth and aggrandizement. Let us pray for some miracles in the days to come for our children to see themselves out of this precarious condition. more  
This is only a budget announcements. Not achievement of the ultimate goal. And it is a deception on common man. If one analyse all past budgets, the targeted achievements will not be even near to 70 to 75 percent. As is stated by the writer, the citizens expecially the tax paying lots should start a movement so that all political parties should be forced not to make freebies announcements in their election manifesto. For this the forum of taxpayers should approach election commission and Supreme Court. Further, prior to election, as in American system, Party's probable ministerial candidates should be asked to participate in forums to detail out the steps that they will take on important issues affecting the economy and growth of the country and there by employment and living standards of the people. Here, I want to add one more thing. During covid lockdowns, no employee or unions came forward to have the heart to say that they are ready to accept 50% of their salary so that the wheel of the economy will rotate smoothly. One may say every family is having commitments. Let it be. But what about people working in private sector and un organised sectors and very poor people living on platforms in the streets. Everyone knows that in private sector the organisations trimmed the allowances of the employees and some organisations paid only half of monthly salary to its employees. Note that in private organisations there is no system of pensions after retirement or increase in dearness allowance. It is only to get votes in large chunk that political parties resort to all nonsense under the guise of social welfare measures and social justice etc., etc.,. V A Sankaran more  
Politician agenda: Serve the country to bring the country up. Hidden agenda: Make enough money for self and for the party to remain wealthy and in power. With this hidden agenda no party can do good to this nation. more  
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