tamil in all temples

while i do not wish to get into the language politics i wish to bring out certain points for consideration:
1.the late mrs sushma swaraj used to talk only in hindi wherever she addressed,including the UN and even in all interviews which were broadcasted nationally.
2.if you happen to visit any government official in the northern,western part of the country,they will commence the conversation in hindi;you would have to tell them that you do not understand the language and then only they switch to the connecting language,english.
3. even now many calls that you get from delhi,mumbai etc.start only in the hindi language.
4.a few months ago.mr amit shah,honourable home minister,GOI tried to impose the hindi language on a national basis;however due to stiff opposition,this had to be withdrawn.
so,the love of ones own language is not practised by the people in TN,it is practised all over the country.
the aim is to more  

When you visit temple and you stand before HIM heart and soul, language does not play role. You go with your own demands all these arise. more  
Please do not be under the impression that all over Northern part of India, Hindi is the mother tongue. Each of the Indian states has at least one language of their own. Gujrathi is the mother tongue for most of the people residing in Gujrat; similarly, Oriya for Orissa, Bengali for Bengal, Punjabi for Punjab and the like. As Indians we need to have a common identity in terms of language, and in that context, Hindi could be chosen as a language of consensus. I think this has prompted to make Hindi as a common language for Indians. Further, it would be difficult (if not unpragmatic) to learn all the languages prevalent in Indian states and go to those places. More over Hindi is the best language to integrate us all Indians. See, for example, all of us enjoy Hindi movies almost on par with movies from our mother tongue (I am from a non-Hindi speaking state, the State of Kerala). Hence, let us have a consensus to consider Hindi as the common language which is understandable to the largest proportion of Indians.
Admittedly, in a very few States, a section of the politicians talk and work against Hindi. Observing them for the past several years, it is almost obvious that they have their own agenda - the agenda of being in power for generations to come (and of course exploiting people for satiating their own thirst for power). more  
The basic problem is that many here (me for one) do not think of whatever language as rashtrabasha. That is a sweeping statement to say that "everyone" in politician's families in TN know Hindi. What is your statistics? Even if right, that is not an argument to say everyone should learn the language. Those who want to can. Those who do not, wont. more  
Dear Mr. Sasikanth, it seems,in your eager to protect Hindi, you have misunderstood Mr. Suresh. Mr. Suresh wants to emphasise that When North Indians give first preference to their mother tongue, Tamils don’t give so much importance to Tamil. Leave the politics. So many businessmen and so many workers come to Tamilnadu and Kerala without knowing either Tamil or Malayalam. They thrive well. In due course they learn the functional local language. They never worried about their ignorance in local language when they come here. Even illiterate Hindi speaking labourers manage well here. So many Hindi speaking people
visit many religious places in Tamilnadu, worship and return back home peacefully. All these people never bothered to learn Tamil and never bothered to understand Tamil culture. Why do you bother about politician’s family? When a politician becomes an MP , many learn Hindi and some donot learn Hindi. It is their individual preference. It is the question of policy. Before the advent of British, India was not a single country. It was a continent of many languages and many cultures. We willingly and happily united together to form Indian Republic on the understanding our language and culture will be respected and protected. Our country is not Hindi India or Hindu India, it is Indian Republic of many dissimilar cultures and languages.It is not Hindi India or Hindu India. I am a pious and religious Hindu worshipping my God by reciting verses in Tamil, Sanskrit and Hindi( Hanuman Chalisa) ,but not in the sense of BJP. I am not against any language and willing to learn many languages and advise my students and my children to learn many languages and try to understand many cultures. But it is different. I cannot tolerate imposition of any language, whether it is Hindi or Sanskrit. First let us learn our mother tongue Tamil
and make others also understand its greatness then we learn other languages. more  
Excellent Sir.... more  
I believe all these are political gimmicks, as learning a new language is always helpful to communicate wherever we go, its an advantage. Look at the politicians family in Tamil Nadu, everyone know Hindi, they have no hesitation, but the politician divide and rule, and make the society oppose to HINDI! Afterall, Hindi is our RASHTRABHASHA!
When we will learn all this! more  
Dear Mr. Srikanth , wht does " Better Tamilnadu mean" as your identity .

For your survival or exploitation . more  
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