Supreme Court to be appraised of the Facts

All Politicians particularly know the several Forms of Black Money and that the Means & Sources are also many .
A. i. Presently it is not easy to drill out those Safest places of : Land & landed properties ; Shares ; Factories , Instittions , Hospitals ; Function Halls & Business Houses.
ii. We cannot find out ; Gold , Pearls & Diamonds AND CURRENCY kept in Bank Locker & underground .
iii. Also we cannot assess the value of luxurious wealth of Cars , A.C., Deluxe & Electronic appliances AS WELL AS the Travel Busses , Cabs etc., Vehicles .
B. iv . There is no channel or process to assess the Business volume to arrest misuse and avoidence of Sales Tax and & Duties .
v. There is no procedure & process to assess volume of Expenditure on LifeStyle , Educational Fee , Lavish payments to arrest misuse and avoidence of Income Tax .
vi. There is no System and Care to control Concentration of Wealth in LAND , Landed properties ; Residential Houses and all above TO CARRY Equal Opportunity , Equality Before Law and to SuBSERVE THE COMMON under Article 39 C and , the very IPC .Wealthy becoming wealthy , Common becoming Poor and the Poor are becoming Poorest of the Poor as commented by Supreme Court in 1993 THAT WAS WELL PROVED WITH THE S.E. STATISTICS OF 2011 .

C. vii. Corruption is the root cause of Black Money as also quoted by Gandhiji quiet before and CURRENCY & its Bank Drafts is the Main Source and means of Corruption . Vigilance , Investigation , Intelligence and the very Anti Corruption Bureau do exist and were f\grossly cornered and diversified by the Politicians who had the optimum power even in carry of Governance and Execution .
Judiciary was also made so and became so , while the very concept of livelihood of their own Citizen have had been put to heavy losses and distress though Article 14, 21 , 31 C , 39 C , 15 [4] , 16 [4] , 45, 46, 47, 48 , 51 A exist alongwith part IV A .
This negligence continuously allowed loot of National Income of Taxes and Produces AND Robbery and misuse of National Wealth and Resources .
viii. Agricultural Income being EXEMPTED from Tax , the Corruptyed and illegally Secured CURRENCY IS BEING SHOWN AS agricultural Income and the governments FAILED IN ASSESSING THE Agricultural Income and is the greatest fault and a way was legally thus allowed for generation of Corrupted and Black Money .

D. The Repeated Exchange of Currency against RBI directions keeping away Police from Banks best energized CORRUPTION WITH CURRENCY opted by the Black Money Holders discounting their 500 & 1000 Notes was was evident from the Media Houses becomes a questionable issue at all Branches of Banks .
Here , in this connection , it is evident from the Media that the 2000 currency got on exchange and other sources from certain Banks is being used for getting Premium on sale of these for old notes .

E. It is necessary to the Government of India and the Reserve Bank of India to appraise the Supreme Court of India , the Facts visualized , in T.V.Media , observed by Citizen , supporting with the Statistics FOR THE JUSTIFIED CARRY OF CURRENCY TO CURB CORRUPTION AND BLACK MONEY please . more  

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Really , it is very hard enough to the Government to identify and locate the Black Money that is in the form of the legitimate Rs. 2000 Currency . A.P. got in 1st week 2000 notes deposited to a considerable total .This currency is also Seized some times in a sumtotal of 20 lakhs to 50 lakhs . Today , TWO individuals were raided and Seized FOUR Crores worth of 2000 Notes . As per GOI & RBI directions , an individual can draw only Rs.60,000 in these THREE Weeks & Can Exchange only Rs.12,000/- maximum using both opportunities . This lumpsum of FOUR Crores from TWO individuals prove that this is either got Exchanged engaging their Agency men discounting their old currency OR , FROM A FRAUDULENT AND ILLEGITIMATE METHOD . Many States will have such and to be set for check Please . The today's mention of Government Manpower of I.T. & Police Officers being limited to deal the issue really becomes a thoughtful urgency please . more  
Sri Saripalli Suryanarayana is correct in bringing out on an issue he viewed and identified , in an another Post in NLFNP Circle. The narrations and comments on the I.T. Amendment Act carried by T.V.9 Telugu in the 9.30 p.m. News highlight staged in deed , the instigation and rather making the general and innocent public mis-understand and even bounce on the Government . The meaning it carried is clearly such that any one gets angry and being afraid of the effect of this Amendment . Any person who can think on the facts , procedures , realities really care to challenge such contention being staged . It is on the Gold purchased through various legitimate and allowed means which the Governments since from the beginning of the Sections restricting or penalizing concealed income and wealth are well honouring the issue of the accrued legitimate earnings/income till date ; AND THIS PROCEDURE AND PRACTICE IS STILL WILL BE IN ITS LIFE , IMPLEMENTATION AND CARRY UNDOUBTEDLY AND CONTINUE FOREVER . We cannot construe that the way they narrated its meaning and application IS THAT WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE OF THE VERY SECTIONS AND THE ACTs in force and as amended yesterday in Loksabha . This definitely signify the otherside concept of their Campaign . But , no body or nobody will care and invest time to deny and defy at public interest or , at National / Constitutional concept please . This way , many are being opted in the Media of Print and Electronic and the whitepapers concluded for Reforming Print and Electronic Media to reinstate the purpose and rights of news-spread at the concept of JOURNALISM ARE FAST NEEDED please . more  
Supreme Court to recognize the Media Reports where the Exchange of Currency was set for repeated Exchange with Discount and Premium ; and the fact of Minors being paid the Exchange in the Banks . Apex to also call for the Statistics of Total Currency outside the Banks in 500 & 1000 === 10 to 100 === as at 30th June , 30th September , 8th November and the latest Date . S.C. also to call for Number and Value of Currency Seized while on transportation by Police since 9th November in all States from POLICE as well as Media to confirm the possibility of Demonetization in India which absolutely become necessary to Seize Black Money and Concealed Currency under article 39 C even . It is true that it is not possible to Exchange the 500 and 1000 notes with the new Notes SINCE THE ILLICIT PROCESES OPTED AS CITED ABOVE , CANNOT BE CONTROLLED AND THE WHOLE NOTES IN CIRCULATION IN THE COUNTRY AUTOMATICALLY BECOME WHITE just with this Sincere and dedicated step of Government . Here , in this connection , every one has to understand that the Prime Minister of India had to suddenly take this decision ONLY DUE TO THE VIGILANCE INFORMATION REPORTED TO HIM . Some of us , the POLICE ; RBI ; MEDIA OF TAMILNADU know that a Bundle of Currency was looted making hole with Gas Cutter to the Railway Goods Train Wagon while transporting the Currency in Tamilnadu Area . THIS SHOWS THAT , THOUGH THE RBI etc., KEPT QUIET , THOSE LOOTED THE BUNDLE MIGHT HAVE DISCLOSED TO THEIR KNOWN GANG LEADER AND , THE INFORMATION ABOUT NEW NOTES UNDER TRANSPORT might have gone to Very Secretly to various in that State , and , may be the other Places . THE ROBBERY OF NEW CURRENCY BUNDLE WAS TAKEN PLACE IN OCTOBER 2nd fortnight only . more  
To undo total wrongly done things of 7 or so decades cannot be undone in a few days or even in few weeks. Relentless pursuit, rigorous penalties for subsequent law breakers , continuous monitoring, periodic raids, appropriate taking to task of fraudsters and proper amendment of old laws and inappropriate laws.....all of this and much more are probably some of the steps to steer in the right direction. more  
The Media visuals yesterday late evening reveal those Aged 8 and upto 13 are engaged with their Aadhar Card who are exchanging 2000 and 4000 per trip . THIS IS SET AS A CHALLENGE TO THE GOVERNMENT & JUDICIARY just at the provision of individual rights in the Constitution . The issue of Legitimate Bank Accounts in the name of Minors and their possessing Aadhar Card or any identity Card SHALL NOT BE ALLOWED LEGALLY FOR TRANSACTING BUSINESS WITH THE CURRENCY since they are not capable of handling such currency of thousands in Safe except less than a 100 [ 89 to 13 aged ] in their area merchants . Supreme Court is to justify this mode of challenge on demonetization process purposed for curbing only Black Money and the Concealed money . The Seriousness of such Currency statistically is to be recognized to confine strict actions at public interest and for the Secured National Safety . more  
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