Should lockdown be extended in Tamil Nadu ?

Inspite of the lockdown in Chennai ane adjoining districts till 30th June, the number of people affected by carona has not decreased. On the other hand, it has only increased. It appears that the lockdown is giving diminishing returns.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister has been honest enough to admit that the end of carona is in the hands of God, implying that the government has run out of ideas. One cannot blame Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, as he has done his level best so far within his limitations.

The question is should the lockdown be continued .

The side effects of lockdown has reached alarming proportion , as poor and downtrodden people and wage earners are put to enormous sufferings and the economy is rapidly declining.

Under the circumstances, following suggestions can be considered by Tamil Nadu government.

1. Implement lockdown between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.

2. Let theatres, places of worship, beach, parks, public gatherings continue to remain closed for one more month.

3. Allow all economic activities to take place , insisting that the social distancing must be maintained.

4. Government's methods to compel the people to have social distancing is not working in full measure. Therefore, transfer the responsibility for observing social distancing to the society.

5 Those who violate the guidelines would be viewed as anti socials and causing harm to the health of fellow citizens. People are now aware of the danger of carona and would certainly start demanding that everyone should observe the guidelines for the safety fo the people.

6. Probably, social pressure will be more effective than police pressure.

7. Economy is equally important and the livelihood of people are equally paramount. Now, we seem to have reached a stage where we have to live with carona observing all safety measures , for the sake of livelihood.

Nandini Voice for the Deprived more  

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I think Tasmac is the one of the reason for spread of corona in South Tamilnadu, Current Situation: corona cases rapidly increase in the southern districts of Tamilnadu more  
Had it not been for the lockdown which could and should be extended though at the cost of agony, inconvenience and host of other problems and issues, output would have been catastrophic - surging of cases because of testing being donw and like any other flu, or medical issue, one should learn to live with Covid 19 and that will be prudence more  
Mr Venkataraman, the best thing for the Tamilnadu Government to do is to lift the lock down and leave it to the Public for self control. Let the Public understand and contain themselves rather than giving a hand to Corporation and Police Forces. They are all trying their best to make hay while the sun shines. Every where there is wide spread corruption. Meat and Fish shops have been closed but I am told that these items are available on block. E pass lot of agents are working. Suffering Public without job and earnings can not depend upon the free rations and other Rs 1000/- doled out. Who will pay the Rent and who will pay the electric Charges so they are all going to their villages and permanent residences of course by greasing the hands of Police and Revenue department.
What is the remedy left? Open every thing and leave it to self discipline and control. Enforce accountability and ensure that the Officers responsible for Quarantine camps are made to live there so that the living poor public gets water and sanitation in a comfortable level. Permit the Food trolleys and also hotels to function. Ask them to be strict on hygiene and sanitation.Do not waste money on Public spraying of Chemicals. It has no use and they are too much diluted.Stop Ministers to get Photoshop of meetings and Public addressing to get name and fame. The media should be careful in highlighting these things .Within a fortnight things will come down and the public will get reprieve. more  
Tamil nadu has always been testing arround 10,000 samples a day . Un fortunately we had 2 major Clusters . The first one from The Delhi Crowd , the net seemed lethal , the Koyambedu cluster .

The people of Tamilnadu were always lax on the norms tough the administration was imposing the decipline . But administration failed to plan & control the crowd on days when the days when curbs were relaxed. Like when TASMAC shops were opened , new vegetable distribution points opened.

Now the T.N. has increased the number of testing per day . At present they are doing 32,000 per day . T.N. was doing high Testing from the begining at 10,000 per day .Then when they increased to 20,000 / day cases shot up to 2,000 / day. I feel it is good that they do identify in a fast rate , start the therapy early to make the patients recover soon . Th e recovery % is far higher than the other states exept Kerala .

There are another 3 days let us see the trend of new cases then may be decide. But the authorities should give a gap of 2 days if Lock down is to take place to contain the increase. more  
No.It should be lifted in the interest of livelihood more  
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