Received a fake INR 2000 Currency from HDFC Bank ATM

Dear All, after shifting to Mumbai temporarily in March, I received a fake INR 2000 currency note from an HDFC bank ATM in the Govandi area in Mumbai on May 1, 2019. I realized about it after 3-4 days when I tried using the note. Since then I have tried the following measures to recover my money but to no avail -

1) Filed a written complaint with the nearest HDFC branch in Govandi and after their due revision process, HDFC bank denied the responsibility saying the note can not be from there ATM. Even tweeted to HDFC handles but they denied the claim as well. (a complaint copy attached along with Bank's official reply)

2) Police denied lodging an FIR saying in order to file an FIR minimum 5 fake currency needs to be produced. I argued a lot with police at Govandi police station but they didn't budge. They, however, took a non-cognizable complaint application. (a complaint copy attached)

3) I wrote to RBI Ombudsman but did not receive any response despite multiple reminders.

Please suggest to me what other measures are left for me to recover my hard-earned money and ensure the guilty is ascertained held accountable.

Does anyone know someone who could help me file a case in Consumer Court or someone who could help me with the process of filing such a case?

With Regards,
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You need to send a written compliant to SP & DG Police, You need to mention the branch & branch manager name who denied to replace the note.With the evidence you have .NOTE: Put a reference no to that compliant.

Wait for 15 days put a RTI and ask the status of compliant against the culprit i.e the bank manager.

Ask bank to give the letter in written that they cant accept this note because they are responsible for it. ITs happens with me also i got 100 rs note in 5 pieces taped, i went to branch where they have the atm they told me to go to home branch , I said give me it on written that i need to go to home branch after some time they changed.

Its our money we have full right to get it.

2nd option you need to go to consumer court.

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Where and what will be state of Banks if everyone withdraws their money from the Banks?????????. I see the collapse of the Banking System and the closure of the Banks in the near future because of its chalta hai attitude ( there is a syaing in Telugu - Attha Sommu Alludu Danam Chaseindu- in english Ornments belonging to mother-in-law were donated by the son-in-law. FUTURE OF THE BANKS IS IN THE HANDS OF ITS DEPOSITORS AND NOT THE BANKERS.
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People have one sided biased opinion about our banks. more  
Because you worked for SBI does not mean you can be an authority on Customer Service. I have lived in 18 cities in India and four cities out side India since 1962. And I still have accounts with 4 banks in the city I live.I chucked out SBI in 1983 when I held an account with SBI,Mapusa, Goa because I found the tellers gossipping near the cash chest while 6 counters were not attended by any one.I had to complain to the Zonal Manager when I found my sister's FD with State Bank Of Travancore when merged the status changed. The nominee became the account holder and the account holder became nominee. Not only that that, 10% of the interest accrued on a Rs.7 lakh FD deducted as TDS though my elder sister was 84 years young and a retired employee of DoT as the nominee (her daughter pays income tax). SBI is filled with crooked employees and officers. Rest of the Banks is below average on customer support. Less said is better. more  
Are not the Indian Banks called our banks? I am still of the opinion that your observations are biased and one sided. People rarely complain against the hardships they face in corporation office, tehsil office, registration office and the list goes unending despite unending hardships they face in getting their works done there. Your comments indicate as if there is complete chaos in the banks of the country (not our banks according to you!), where as, whenever I visit any branch of the banks I find that people are getting their works done very smoothly in a very calm and quite friendly atmosphere. However, I agree that there is a need to bring lot of improvement in the banking services in our country. more  
"OUR BANKS"???.Well it should be one sided as we are "that"side and the other side is the Banks and the morons who work there and fraudsters.Check recent history. ATMs without cash,skimming from customer's account, arrogant staff,frequent employee strikes, miscommunication, blaming it on the merger of some PSBs with SBI which happened years ago, the list will go on. more  
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