please advice rules applying on multistory(DCS) societies in delhi

i am residing in a co operative housing society having 200 flats of different categories, the flat is in my mother's name & myself along with my family is living with her. we have water tanks on roof of the buildings and electricity meter's at below stairs, it is common for all flats.
we are living at ground floor & advocate with his father residing on first floor just above us & covers stairs with iron gates, cover electric meters and block stairs going on roof of the flats to water tanks and keep his german shepherd DOG at stairs, this dog barks so loudly that sleeping, studying is disturbed & advocate throw left over food through rain water pipe and washes dog on roof also. this shaft has entry from our house.
Father of advocate is a member of management committee & with president of the society who has vested interests with this father as the son in law of the president is running a commercial centre at the commercial property of the father of the advocate.
The advocate & his father has two cars & five two wheelers, registration on one scooter has expired on 2001 and was never renewed, second scooter was registered upto JULY 2015. rest three two wheelers are road worthy.
the advocate also not allowed us to install "dish TV antenna" at roof way back in 2012.
please guide me what should i do?
under which section of Delhi co-operative act(DCs) should i file case?
or otherwise suggest some alternative? more  

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Ya sure mam. Dnt loose ur hopes. My contact no. 9892224887.... more  
Dear Seema Advocate-I can read anger in all the comments and suggestions given to me,so is everyone who comes to know about this drama created by Kohli to extract more money from me,his job is to protect his client! thanks for all suggestions. I have written to DCP of area through email,submitted a written complaint to SHO of GK-1,SI who has received it told me they are 'looking into charges' despite giving them audio recording on my mobile phone through whatsapp(give me your no. will send you too) CCTV footage of 'advocate' Gupta coming to my home and shamelessly asking for 8 lakhs.All are connected.My 3 daughters are educated and settled well,but I cannot comment upon daughters of advocates fearing contempt notice but facts cannot be hidden,partying whole night,wrong company,offering 1 cr. and other goods to married son of industrialist to break his marriage so that a retarded uneducated loud & anti social daughter can be fitted in. Yes the gang is bad mouthing about me as a bad mother of married daughters who asks Police for help,creates ruckus at courts and threatens of being connected to politicians! All these are far from true (my daughter went to court to verify charges!)because being a practicing doctor of area for past 40 years,life becomes an open book.Nobody can dare misbehave in my clinic but these lawyers are frank and open about creating rifts in the marital homes of my daughters,just because I as a single parent in this jungle who could manage to do it! Their wives though educated and working women provoke them more instead of guiding them to help fellow working women! Yesterday a sensible lawyer through our senior citizen cell at Arya samaj mandir GK-2 came to my home and suggested me to stay away from wrong people as he was genuinely concerned about my health and wanted me to live peacefully in my own home in stead of meeting a slow death of manipulations.His genuine advice through his experience with Police was-they will do nothing to favor a woman in distress. I am still hopeful about authorities! This forum of local circles is meant to help each other. Thanks again. Will inform you as and when I get help. more  
If Police officer concerned (SHO), refuses to Register complaint/FIR, than by virtue of section 154(3), a written Complaint may be send by Post to the Superintendent of Police or the Commissioner of Police (in Metropolitan areas); and the copy of said Complaint may also be sent to the office of the Chief Justice of the concerned High Court of the State. If Superintendent of Police or the Commissioner of Police (in Metropolitan areas) is satisfied that the Complaint discloses cognizable offence, he may himself investigate the case or cause the investigation of the case by any Police officer subordinate to him.

A written Complaint in the form of a Letter may be made to the concerned Judicial / Metropolitan Magistrate, and the Magistrate is empowered to take cognizance of the said letter complaint by virtue of section 190 of CrPC, 1973. However, the Magistrate concerned is at discretion to act or not to act on the said Letter Complaint.

An Application can be made u/s 156(3) read with section 190 of CrPC, 1973, before the Judicial Magistrate / Metropolitan Magistrate, thereby praying that Police to register the FIR, Investigate the case and file the Report / Chargesheet before him.

If the complainant has substantial evidence against the accused person, and if he is prepared to handle the prosecution of the accused person, then, he may prefer an oral / written Complaint before Judicial Magistrate / Metropolitan Magistrate u/s 200 of CrPC, 1973; and the Magistrate after examining the Complainant and his witnesses, may issue Summons / Warrant u/s 204 of CrPC, 1973, against persons made accused in the complaint. The Magistrate in his discretion, before issuance of Summons / Warrant, u/s 202 of CrPC, 1973, may conduct an inquiry by himself or cause an inquiry to be conducted by a Police Officer.

A Writ Petition in the respective High Court may be filed for the issuance of Writ of Mandamus against the defaulting Police officers, inter alia, to Register the FIR and directing him to show cause (a) why he has not registered the FIR; (b) why disciplinary proceedings for "Misconduct" should not be initiated against him for dereliction of duty; (c) why he should not be suspended from Police service for interfering in the administration of justice and shielding the accused person.

An Application u/s 156(3) as stated hereinabove, or a complaint u/s 200 as aforesaid, may be filed against those Police officers who have refused to register FIR, before Judicial Magistrate / Metropolitan Magistrate, for having committed offence u/s 217 of IPC, 1860.

A Contempt Petition (Civil) can be filed before High Court concerned against Police officer who has refused to register FIR. In the latest Constitution Bench Judgment of the Apex Court in the Lalita Kumari case, it has been held that the Police must register FIR where the complaint discloses a cognizable offence. The Contempt proceedings are held only in High Courts and in Supreme Court. Also, refusing to register an FIR amounts to Criminal contempt of the court. If criminal contempt is preferred, then permission of the Advocate General of the respective State Govt must be obtained before filing Criminal Contempt Petition, or in the alternative, after filing of Criminal Contempt Petition, the concerned High Court may be requested to take Su Moto Cognizance of the alleged criminal contempt of the Court.

A Letter Petition may be recorded to the Chief Justice of the concerned High Court / Chief Justice of India, Supreme Court,  requesting them to take Su Moto Cognizance of the alleged contempt of the Court, and the copy of said letter may be sent to the concerned Police officer. RTI application may be made to the said concerned High Court / Supreme Court, to know if the said Court has taken Su Moto cognizance of the said Letter Petition.

As aforesaid, an application u/s 155(2) or complaint u/s 200, to Judicial Magistrate / Metropolitan Magistrate, can be made where if the alleged offence is defined as Non Cognizable (NC) offence in the Act, for Magistrate to direct the Police to investigate the offence, or the Magistrate may issue the Summons to the accused person.

A Writ Petition may be filed in respective High Court for seeking damages / compensation, if the ―inaction‖ of the Police on the complaint / non registration of FIR, has resulted in frustration / deprivation of ―life and liberty‖ of any person, guaranteed under Article 21 of Constitution of India.

A civil suit for seeking exemplary damages may be filed in the District Court / City Civil Court / High court, if the ―inaction‖ of the Police on FIR / Complaint has directly resulted in manifest loss of life / liberty or property.

A Complaint may be made to Commissioner of Police / Superintendent of Police against the SHO (Station House Officer) of the concerned Police Station for dereliction of duty, seeking disciplinary proceedings for "Misconduct".

Section 166A(c) now, expressly makes a punishable offence if the Public servant concerned fails to record any information given to him under sub-section (1) of section 154 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, in relation to cognizable offence punishable under section 326A, section 326B, section 354, section 354B, section 370, section 370A, section 376, section 376A, section 376B, section 376C, section 376D, section 376E or section 509 of the Indian Penal Code. more  
Mam following r detailed procedure if ny police officer/public servant refuse to take complaint :- more  
Give written complaint with cc to ACP & CP more  
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