Panneerselvam should represent face of decency

Watching Tamil Nadu's political scenario, very large number of silent majority , both amongst middle and lower income group and amongst educated and not so educated, want decency in politics and are convinced that Panneerselvam can represent the face of decency in the political arena in the state.

After seeing his decent administration as Chief Minister for the last two months and seeing his conduct in the state assembly on 18th FEB. , he is receiving appreciation of millions of people in Tamil Nadu. This is a large segment of people that Panneerselvam should cultivate without disappointing them in any way.

I strongly think that Panneerselvam should conduct himself in such a way that his becomes the voice of wisdom, inspite of provocations , which should become very visible in the present condition in the state.

There is no need for any agitation or dharna. What is required is that he must communicate with the people constantly , should be seen in the media and speak with great dignity inspite of all unseemly happenings around. This would be his ultimate strength that would make people think that here is the man whom they want.

Panneerselvam also should get some knowledgeable and dignified persons as his spokesman in the TV media.

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In Politics personalities with out any leader ship avtivites and fight to sit in a seat media , and action will brainwash people like a tooth paste marketing . simply cheat and people believe . last 30 years i see a particular brand of tooth paste coming out with various new advertisements after 2 to 3 years saying first sale , coal, etc will remove enamel and hence you get tooth decay , People believed and stopped home made coal power with salt , clove, neem etc But in reality every child in waiting in DENTAL care centre with decay and tooth fall . then they blamed chocolate as reason knowing that parents cannot stop getting chocolate for their kids as chocolate companire promote their product fooling ideas like love start only by chocolate. Then they blamed the brush sold new new handle, bristles, size etc etc - people believe all these like a fool. now after selling paste for 24 hours protection now they have come down to 6 hours and use mouth wash every time you take food so that smell is good that mean the concept of selling paste with mouth blow after every brush in the morning is proved false Hence with out media and drama there is a mass vote they do not believe Panneer selvam or Kamarajar to spend for media you need money, so with out money on cannot come to power that is the reality weather it is hillary or obama or TRUMPH or Edapaadi Palanisamay MONEY POWER ONLY DECIDE THE SEAT of POWER. If you have a channel for that you need swindled money everything ultimately end up with huge need for money let us take your view to go " yathra" across TN to promote how much money is needed , who will spent from his pocket and at the end if he loose the money he will be another Kakan, or Kamarajar, Or Annadurai. more  
I think it is better not to fall for quick-fix solution. Let us hope that the next one year shall throw up a viable leader. In the meanwhile, people should not fall for freebee politics of the present administration. more  
Yes. We all agree with your point. Mr.Pannerselvam shows decency . We wish that he only should be the CM of Tamilnadu. But ugly scenes in assembly made EPS as Cm instead of OPS.Kalyan. On Sunday, 19 February 2017 8:47 AM, N.S. Venkataraman wrote: more  
He was part of Jaya's ruling which has brought Tamil Nadu to this filthy low level. Let him come out openly about all the sins committed by Mannargudi mafia and Jayalalitha's ggons. more  
Hi No he is not the right man, he has built his empire by stooping down Jayalalithaa and sasikala all along and now ready to stoop down to Deepa. Still he claims prime convict A1 Jaya as his leader and will follow her footsteps, That means he will also loot public money. How we can expect a genuine, welfare and progressive governance. People can't forget his association with sekar reddy and ramohan rao and other massive corruptions he involved in. Jay kept on her custody whole day during previous election, it came on all news paper. By simply sitting and meditating for 40 minutes at beach won't purify him. This is second innings he tries to be is his good enacted drama. From: Swetha P V To: Sent: Sunday, February 19, 2017 3:53 PM Subject: Commented on "Panneerselvam should repr..." in [Residents of Tamil Nadu] more  
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