Let not Tamil Nadu government oppose neutrino project

It is unfortunate that present Tamil Nadu government has said that neutrino project should not be implemented in Tamil Nadu.

Several very important projects in Tamil Nadu have been given up or delayed in the past, as a few political parties when they are in opposition and some activist groups , appear to have made it a habit to oppose projects in the state under one pretext or the other.

In such conditions, past governments in Tamil Nadu have simply bowed to the pressure of the activist groups and the opposition parties and in such circumstances, valuable investment opportunities have been lost and industrial and economic interests of the state have been sacrificed.

Tamil Nadu government should appreciate the importance of the neutrino project for the development of the state and take whatever appropriate steps necessary to ensure that the project would materialise. Several neutrino projects are operating successfully in a few other countries.

The scientists have explained that the project is safe. The views of the scientists and technologists must be heard, with the clear realisation that the scientists and technologists are as much interested in the progress of the state and in environmental cleanliness. as those of the activists.

Ultimate decision on such technologically intensive and vital projects should be taken on the basis of scientific analysis and evaluation and international practices and not based on mob protest and street demonstrations.

Dr. Abdul Kalam, former President and renowned scientist, explained the importance of the project and wrote several articles appealing to the protesters to give up the agitation. The appeal of Dr. Kalam was not heeded.

Nandini Voice For The Deprived more  

Dr. Abdul Kalam has spoken several times supporting the neutrino project and explaining it's importance and how it would benefit India to enable India to make big leap forward in research achievements in this very important and vital field. The articles of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam on the subject has appeared in several media and in The Hindu dated 17th June,2015. The issue here is that while the Tamil Nadu government has echoed the views of the protesters , it has not made any reference to the views of the learned scientists with great commitment to the cause of the technology progress of the country. While criticising the project by the Tamil Nadu government, it has not refuted the views of the scientists point by point. N.S. Venkataraman more  
Apparently, the project is harmful to the eco sensitive western ghats. As it is, in the name of development, ghats, forests, water bodies are giving way to concrete. Let us preserve the environment. more  
Manuel Aaron: Before criticizing the Tamil Nadu Government, Mr Venkataraman should get his facts straight. The TN Government has listed before the Supreme Court all the great disadvantages that would entail Tamil Nadu right from Biodiversity to the ill-effects on fauna and flora. Especially, the tigers' natural habitat is around the Bodi West Hills. The project involves massive blasting, excavating and transporting earth for a 2-KM long tunnel under the hills. In support of this project, former President Abdul Kalam (1931-2015) has been invoked. It would be interesting to learn where aerospace scientist Abdul Kalam's support for this Neutrino project was published!! And what is 'neutrino, sir? Is it a toffee? Mr Venkataraman has not listed a single advantage for Tamil Nadu, or even for India, from this project. But somebody is indeed gaining, this project worth Rs 1500 crore has been given to the Tatas! more  
Neutrino is not a toffee. But it is a massless particle having very weak interactions with other particles. Can you cite a single scientific work where it is reported that neutrino 'radiation' is harmful?

and blasting: it is all temporary disturbances.

Sriram, an ex-particle physicist. more  
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