I wanted the services of an electrician to do some maintenance work in my house, with the work content requiring around five to six days. I could not get anybody to do the job, as everyone I contacted said that he was busy.

Therefore, I advertised in a local newspaper and not even one responded. Then , I asked some of my friends living in Adyar neighbourhood about my problem and they confirmed that they share similar experience.

I , therefore, decided to conduct a small survey in Adyar neighbourhood to know why I was not able to get the service of electrician for small job , even as the nation is discussing about joblessness.

I spoke to a few skilled technicians some of whom said they were in regular employment in companies and therefore, cannot take such work. But, it was told to me that enough number of people are available as freelance technicians.

It was pointed out to me that these days, several technicians work for only three or four days in a week and earn an average Rs. 900 to Rs. 1000 per day. During the rest of the days in a week , they relax or spend time in tasmac shops and in drinking.

In number of such cases, their families are left in dire conditions with wife forced to earn to maintain the family , with the husband frittering away the income in drinking.

At the same time, I was told that there are number of unemployed persons who have studied in schools and colleges but have not acquired any particular skill like electrician or plumber or welder. They want only desk work and they have not equipped themselves to avail such much needed skilled technicians.

Perhaps, the case study of Adyar neighbourhood represents the scenario that is prevailing all over Tamil Nadu.

Nandini Voice for the Deprived more  

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when any media speaks truth and brings forth honestly and boldly the the wrong doings and cheatings of any ruling party or Government you started some biased people started cursing questioning credibility and threatening to stop subscription ..It is highly rediculous and funny to say so. It is in our culture ..honesty is never encorouaged...see what happened to Kalburgi, Dabolkar, Lankesh...This is out Bharath. more  
I wonder where is the labor force of Tamil Nadu. All carpenters,plumbers,electricians and skilled workers employed in Building construction are all from North East. Even south Indian restaurants have servers from North East.

I can only conclude either tamil labor force do not want to work and while away their time or have found better jobs more  
It is true there are plenty of jobs available and the workers are able to choose a high money yielding job and are able to be choosy and also able to find jobs with experience very easily.
as minimum job entry for a raw is now 10000/- Per month ( ie 7000 to 10000) employees set limit as 10000 per man month if they could get one employee for 8000 the hidden cost per employee like water, tea, or other fringe benefits put together will be 10000.
there is enough job as every year 15,00,000 child are born ( only tamilnadu ) and every year one set of 15,00,000 cross 10, 15, 20 years of age and if there is no job the situation will be worst by now more  
I had a similar experience myself. I had some earth current leakage issues at home and a RCCB need to be fixed. I procured the required material of a reputed brand from a popular shop and requested the electrician hired by our flat association to fix it. After much pleading, he gave his appointment finally. I waited for hours for him to turn up and my calls weren't answered either. I lost hopes and to safeguard our lives, `started wiring the RCCB myself. When all the wiring was done and the RCCB was about to be pushed in its slot, he appeared, drunken heavily. He asked me to get off the wooden stool and gave a clean chit and certificate of distinction for my work to please me so that, he'd get his money for the visit (I'm an electrical engineer myself; my age and the scorching summer then, made me get it fixed by an electrician). It's very difficult to get an appointment from a carpenter, painter, plumber or an electrician these days.

What I meant to conclude is, opportunities are aplenty. TN youth and the workforce don't want to strain a bit and want easy money without working hard and shedding a drop of sweat. more  
Quite agree. We don't get any ok nd to get some job done rightly and at right time and St right cost. If at all we get someone, surely he is from northeast. Situation is worse in Kerala. And many of these imported labour force make more money through thefts. We have still not learnt. Ii no their own words south Indian is their Dubai !! more  
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