Excepting one state, other states in South India are encouraging Hindi. In fact, Hindi is widely spoken. India needs a link language and apart from English, Hindi fits the bill perfectly and knowing Hindi empowers employment opportunities all over India. more  

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Those interested in learning it as a language are welcome to do so as per their needs to travel around the country. But forcing it to be assumed as a national language is absurd. Every state has it's right to protect their language. Just because people come in hoards to this state we can't allow it to be added to name plates. Let them learn the local language as we do when in Karnataka. Which is adamancy- squishing a language and culture with the longest history or trying to uphold it from being lost along with the Tamil heritage? Madras became the hub of the East Indian company and it did flourish, but we hated the British in par with the freedom fighters of the North. This is for those who say we went along with the Englishmen of preferred to be their slaves. English knowledge helps anyone to communicate throughout the country and if it's not enough- then one can learn it or use a translator as per requirement. The Tamil school text books hold so much information for a child to become a great person & human being. It's more than my personal opinion that Hindi would never equal Tamil and we do not want it here. Why force it when IAS, pani-puri sellers, table attendants from the east, securities of the many industries, salon guys & so many migrants can understand and speak good Tamil? Its not national integration when you coax Hindi and call it national al language- folks don't speak hindi in all states- but they can understand it due to the similar dialect- which is not the case here. Plundering of our country's good stuff has had it's time. Let's not spoil what we have for the state.
Let the people of the state have their choice. Its ugly to force such thing being a country of 'secular' thoughts. Learning a language takes less time be it Japanese or hindi. Forcing it in schools is akin to genocide. Learn Tamil if you're here and converse in English if you find it hard OR hire a translator! If hindi hasn't gotten its place as in other places- there's a good reason for it.. more  
Just because Hindi is spoken in few northern states, Hindi cannot be either a link language or national language. There is no use of wasting time in learning Hindi as it might not provide employment as you suggest. The intention of the north Indians in the past and at present is only to popularize Hindi to replace English later on without understanding that English is an international competence. Let us have only Tamil and English only. more  
Those interested in learning Hindi will do so whether there is a three language formula or not. Hindi is not a link language in India. English is the link language. What English has done to Indian Economy need not be overstressed. India has become a software power in the world because of English and not because of any Indian language. The language issue is sensitive and should not be allowed to divide the country. Hindi is not the language spoken in half the country and hence there is no point in thrusting it as a national language. more  
Any language will become acceptable by any body if it provides bread winning. With British ruling in India for more than 300 years and all advances in India is only with English prabagating Hindi will only lead to division and chaos. Govt instead of wasting time on the silly matter of language should look into important matters. more  
Can you prove me that Hindi leads to empower employment...? Don't pass such unnecessary statements. Hindi is just an one among languages, it's our wish whether to learn or not, don't try to impose it unnecessarily on others. They are many people from upper side of india living in Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Ap and all then just impose them to learn tamil,kanada,telugu..etc.Just for publicity saying as its our national language everyone must know it, if it's really need to communicate with people those who knows only Hindi just use Google Translate or U-Dictionary app to communicate.Finally Hindi is just to communicate with others and its not mandatory. more  
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