H'ble SC asked GOI;- Is Govt willing to Ban Convicted Netas life long to Contest Elections

A CJI Teared His Eyes. A CJI suggested Joint Meets of Judiciary and Executive. Another CJI deeply regretted and Seriously commented on Convicts Heading a Political Party and Share the Rule.
The 30% Convicts as at 2013 increased to 36% as at 2018. There are 30% Fake Certificate Holders in Law as at 2018 and verification going on.
THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO H'ble SC when the Responsible EC failed . Now it is Indian Executive to decide. more  

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EC to Realise that unless Convicts/ those possessing Criminal Cases r disallowed to share the Rule in the Country, India cannot see Constitutionally aimed/ mandated Rule or the Rule away from Corrupt Practices, Cheating, Misappropriation. People and the Country have to suffer permanently under the present system of Rule by Bodies comprising Criminals as already above 36% MPs, MLAs are Convicts. H'ble SC to understand and direct. more  
Constitution stipulated Rights in Part III Articles 14 to 35 & Directive Principles of Rule in Part IV 36 to 51-A. But Implementation of Articles 14, 16 (4), 19 (2 to 6), 25, 26 ;;; 37,38 (2), 39 (b and c) , 41, 45 & 46 became questionable decades together . General Public are waiting with high volume of Patience. H'ble Supreme Court is requested to look into this vital issue and do Justice fast. more  
Special Investigation Body in SC with full powers is necessary more  
अजीब बिडम्बना है कि हर रोज दुसरों को सुधरने की नसीहत देने वाले लोकतंत्र के दोनों स्तम्भ मीडिया और न्यायपालिका खुद सुधरने को तैयार नही हैं। कलेजियम सिस्टम से कैसे लोगो को जज बनाया जाता है और उसके द्वारा राजनितिक साजिशें कैसे की जाती है वह क्या नहि दिखता है फिर भी इसका विरोध क्यूँ? जब तकNational Judicial Appointments Commission (NJAC) की स्थापना नहि होगी और न्यायपालिकजा की जबाबदेही नहि तय होगी उनसे कोई उम्मीद करना सही प्रतीत नहि होता है - अब तो न्यायपालिकजा अपनी विश्वसनीयता खोती जा रही है more  
The supreme court observations are accurate, the verdict of the case is disappointing.Society has a right to be governed by better people not by criminals.Criminals will criminalize the politics, and society. The news from ground level indicate a) People are already suffering in day to day life, with criminal leaders.2) It is evident from the events the criminal leaders are playing with integrity of the country. How the feed back is not received by the government from ground level realities is surprising. Nearly 1700 MPs and MLAs, a little over a third of all elected representatives face criminal charges. K.K.Venugopal opposing the suggestion on " TOP COURT COULD ASSUME THE POWER TO MAKE LAWS " is saddest part of the case. THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD CONTAIN THE ROT OR ALLOW THE COURT TO CONTAIN. The government should understand the fact, one day these criminal and corrupt political leaders will destroy their own political parties and in continuation the integrity of the country. more  
Parties already losing status in Public. EC totally lost image more  
At least more then 50% politicians are criminals. If election commission scrutinize personnel history of ministers,politicians , many of them may gave criminal history. Despite have clear criminal history,howthey are selected as ministers. As far EFFICIENCY of election commission staff, I reteiat that minimum 20 times applications submitted during last 20 years. But, I was provided an IDENTITY CARD with name and address mistakes. I represented by submitting respective application,button my utter dismay, our election commission staff efficiency, I still have a wrong IDENTITY CARD. I interacted with toll free no1950 today, but, the person who attended the call wanted me to again apply on line or to send a letter to dust. Magistrate for redressel, where as, election commission , appears, no interest in attending every individual case. I am a senior citizen, and again, if election commission expects me to queue up again, I prefer staying without casting my vote more  
Politics and crime strengthen each other so it is not new , society needs revolution to throw out rotten leaders and replace with honest and true leaders, but we can n't blame police, criminal or politician though there is strong nexus, the society has elected these leaders and the same leader promote their tribe so no one can really be blamed, society has equal responsibility, most in society silently accept this rot. more  
Please log in to Voter Portal. You can make correction online. My son faced similar problem of wrong translation of Surname in Marathi for last 17 years. He could correct his name on voter portal. more  
SEC are not working Promptly. Not attending Petition. Election Commission acting irresponsibly.
No action on Convicts. No action on Offences relating to Elections.
It is great tragedy to Indian Voters. more  
25th January is declared as National Voters Day. Dr Ambedkar said that Voters can decide the Rule and method of Rule thinking that Election Commission will provide , promote sincere Patriots to Houses of People and intellectuals to Upper Houses. But EC grossly failed resulting unfair unwanted Selfish Rule by the indulgence of Political Authorities into Government administration. Govts failed to act as per Article 12 and yielded to Political influence in Governance. THIS HAS CHEATED, DECEIVED VOTERS. As at 2013 there are 30% Convicts in Parliament and Legislatures. This is because of negligent, UNPATRIOTIC EC. Offences relating to Elections listed in IPC are not at all set to due Punishments. HELPLESS, INNOCENT VOTERS BECOMING SCAPEGOATS DECADES TOGETHER. H'ble Supreme Court to understand Realise and set right fast . more  
Can GOI help Voters banning Convicts, Punishing Offenders more  
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