Habitual Offender and Media

I would like to bring your kind attention towards fear of crime which has been an incredibly corrosive effect on individual and entire communities. This issue is of great concern to all of us in law enforcement.
Now a day crime rates is increasing day by days in all major cities of the India especially in Punjab’s industrial city Ludhiana.
Every day there are headlines of news in crime reports of murder, dacoity with attempt to cause death or grievous hurt, robbery, incidents of chain snatching and arms act violation. It is reported that maximums crimes are repeated by habitual offenders.
The habitual offenders is one who has been a victim of subjective and objective influences and has manifested a set practice in crime , and also presents a danger to the society in which they lives. The Habitual Offenders are usually hardened criminals whose major part of life has been spent in jails.
In most of the cases the police allow to the arrested persons cover their faces so that their faces are not shown by print / visual media. Any such publicity may cause a 'doubt' in the genuineness of identification parade, if required to be carried out by police for evidence against the accused. The accused may take a defense that the identification was not natural as the witness might have identified him on the basis of his photos on TV/newspaper, etc, and not on the basis of seeing him at scene of crime. Some time the lawyers of the accused take this advantage to weaken police cases in argue that no person can be termed a criminal until pronounced so by a court.
But actually habitual offenders who are menace in the society and get benefit to cover their faces in print and electronic media during press conference as a result they hide their identification and public cannot identify to the criminal.
The criminal accused once who has been convicted in crime and after bail or release from jail they commit crime again & again so second time offenders must not be allowed to cover their faces in front of the media, published photos in media it will help public to may identify habitual offender.
To curb crime rates in the society the habitual offenders must not be allowed to cover their faces during press meeting.
On the behalf of public I request to the higher authority please take initiative to reduce crime rates in the society and do not cover the faces of criminal habitual offenders during press conference or meeting and their photos must be published so that the public may be known to habitual offenders by faces.
I would be grateful for a comprehensive response to this letter as this is a matter that greatly concerns with public safety and I hope you will discuss this issue with concerned department and raise it with the minister of home affairs. more  

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Shri Paul I agree with your point all the way. Sarma Sir, pardon me for my ignorance but I am not able to understand the linkage - there is no study by a reputed organization or therapists which confidently supports your points. In fact Sarma Sir in simple terms crime rate in any country is dependent on following factors - lack of education, poverty and ineffective law and order. At the same time the citizens of India also have a hand in creating such law and order problems by not coming forward and filing complains, dealing with such criminals etc. So sir with all due respects I humbly would like to share it is a combination of the above three factors (I have been engaged in higher education project as well as teaching students who have not had the opportunity to continue their studies further) - they are the people who probably resort to such anti social activities due to basic lack of education and the society they live in ! more  
I am sorry I have misspelt the name of Mr. Sarma. Kindly excuse me. more  
I agree with Mr. Csn Sharma ji, his items 4 & 5 need much more emphases as many planned changes are crushed in the budding stage themselves. Even supreme courts observations for changes in Police system etc had been scraped & probably forgotten. Is the LocalCircle really compiling such messages & doing something or they are flowing like waters in GANGA to the ocean? more  
1. Increase of Crime rate since last 20 years is the effect of Global Economy system for which our Audit System and , even the Income Tax on Companies & Firms also was bent and cornered . 2. Failure of Policing converted many lawyers besides the whole Inspector Raj in all Fields was changed to corrupt orientation and this is why , many Financial institutions are cheating the innocent poor and common people looting their small savings too in which process , there had increased many energized and empowered Private Settlement Teams/Gangs. 3. The Justice in India , the Courts & Judges were so set in adequate and insufficient which secured safe corner to Criminals . 4. The Executive could not carry the Directives of the Constitution since last 6 decades and the Legislature was occupied by above 30% majority of those having Criminal Candidature . 5. In this process of selfish Political Democracy , the Press and 24 Hours News T. V. Channels also diversified at 75% towards Entertainment and Business orientation for profits like the other Wings in India . This , and I think , some Court Directions made the Electronic Media and the Police to conceal the Faces even with Masks and this is becoming a strong supporter of the Criminals and Culprits to conceal themselves for further achievements in their life . Though in deed this allowance and attitude is dangerous in the Nation and Society as a whole , these two bodies of the public interest still to realize and Reform please . more  
naresh ji do you think that midia is out of clutch from criminals or netas more  
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