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Root cause of corruption is the legal system, which does nothing to punish the wrong doer or law breaker, in fact it indirectly ends up punishing law abiding citizens , as it does nothing to protect their rights under the law. For 20 years , the same thing is repeated several times going from one court to another , endless appeals on the same issue, with no decisive judgement as to what is upheld by law.Almost feels like all citizens who approach the Courts are morons. Its the biggest drama that plays out . The aggrieved parties , dont get justice, and the matter just drags and drags.Even the so called media, who talks about freedom of the press, does not dare to come up with the truth. There is enough masala for them, but they dont want to cool their heels in Tihar, for this expose.
The whole system is seeped in a culture of its own, where justice is on back burner.
Case wise study needs to be conducted, some Social adudit, to bring accountability into this system, instead of wasting tax payers money, where the job is not really done. more  

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Not only Sri Modi but the CJI too should agree. The CJI may be petitioned or a PIL will make him consider. But it is difficult to catch PM sir. more  
Suggestion by Aruna Arora is good. Will the procedures governed by constitution allow volunteers to be employed ? Not only in judiciary, in every govt sector, retd persons/volunteers can be utilised to deal with pending cases. If Mr. Narendra Modi is convinced of this approach, then only something concrete will happen. Does any one know how to reach this msg to PM ? more  
A big thankyou to all members , who have given their inputs , and agree that we need to change the way the Judiciary functions, and takes shelter under the pretext of shortage of judges.
I think we all should meet and make draft for a petition to the CJI/ president /P.M. and make request that as concerned citizens , we wish to volunteer our services, and track 5 cases going for the longest period , and their progress, as we are of the opinion, that lack of judges is not the root cause for delay .Surely , tax payers are concerned how their hard earned money is being used by the Government , for a system that is a total failure for the common man.
We may be issued passes, so that we can make a case study of the causes. Mr. Modi our P.M. had promised a clean Govt. with zero tolerance for graft.
Judges , should be rewarded for the quality of their judgement and not simply pass important orders, as happens today. more  
Let us try for 3 months to search a good advocate. The other group should try to form a group of good citizens, advocates and Judges. The time limit is 3 months. Let us form these two groups for searching. The time frame should be 31 days. Please give offers. more  
If I remember correctly, it is said by the courts that there are lot many vacancies of Judicial Officers and that is why there is backlog. Now I like to question that are available judicial officers doing their jobs hounestly. Say, if there are 80% availability of judges , are they disposing off 80% cases. No, not at all. I am fighting a case of P F in High Court since last 10 years with no results. Can you imagine a man is entitled to get PF at the age of 60 years and he does not get it for another 15 years because of the pleasure of the so called honourable HC. Is it not a mockery of the judicial system? Does you feel, I would have been much benefited, had I hired a middle man or a goon? My friends, the systems are failing. Only money is playing the role. If I would have hired an Advocate taking Rs 5.00 Lakhs for a day, this case would have been decided within a year. But I can not afford so my case is in the pipe line. So please seek a man to file PIL in supreme court why some WPs are decided in 6 months & why not some even in 6 years? The SC should tell the measures to eradicate such discrimination on the poor citizens of the Nation. more  
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