Ceiling on wealth - not merely on agricultural lands

In this country there is ceiling on land holding but not on amassing wealth including land in the name of company and share holder. Unless there is a ceiling on total property held the corruption will continue more  

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Sri George Panicker has given the correct and facts in his three Comments on Justice and wealth issues . Even yesterday , SIXTEEN CRORES RUPEES WORTH Red Sandal was caught by the A.P. Police and arrested one of the Smuggler in Delhi . KINDLY THINK HOW WEALTH INJUSTICE IS ROTTENING THE STRIVING AND STARVING INNOCENT CITIZEN SINCE DECADES . Think deeply and help for the positive legitimate steps only adhering the Constitutional Provisions . Most important Articles of this Constitution have been very poisonously diversified at selfish baggage of the Politicians and , even now , if we do not collectively and positively assist and support the Hardworking Sri Modi ji , even at-least through these localcircles.com ; NO INDIAN POLITICAL PARTY CAN SAVE THE POOR CITIZEN . As I remember the History , EXCEPT THE EMPEROR / KING NO OTHER TEAMS ; GROUPS ; even in the Rule of Mohammedans , Britishians SWINDLED AND SWALLOWED THE MONEY & WEALTH which was back at many times and many places when people revolted . But here , the Cheated and mislead wealth is with THEIR SUPPORTING TEAMS ; GROUPS ; BUSINESSMEN ; THE ILLEGITIMATE WEALTH PRESERVERS . more  
All Senior Citizens here may remember the name Vinobe Bhave , the Gandhian who went about the whole country getting people to donate land for the landless , in the early 1960s and 70s. Does anyone know where all the lakhs of acres of such donated land went ? Any idea ? This and more "Take from India" was going on during the period of the Cons-gress and Con-rades of West Bengal. Neither the Janatha Party nor the B.J.P. was present at that time. If the Central Govt. has the records in its Archives it should urgently publish it in the daily newspapers . "When Pandit Nehru died, all his ashes went to all four directions of India, but all his cash went to his only daughter" said Shri Ram Manohar Lohia !!!! more  
CAG reported that during 2008 - 2014 Additional Expenses 7,209 crores were met while on purchasing the Power for A.P. and the purchasing agencies set for collection . The CAG identified five disorders and reported to the Government . Land ownership Title Pass Books duplicates were utilized for taking huge Bank loans and only the Ananthapur area Bank loans of totally 3129 Crores were assessed that there will be about 500 Crores Bank Loans on these duplicate & fictitious Land Title Books. IN DEED, SUCH ARE MANY IN A CONTINUED MANNER FOR ATTAINING GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE SUBSIDIES & GRANTS . The laps of comparing and co-relating the Sub-Registrar office Title Records and , the Rights on land in Revenue Records is the main reason of THE CONCEALED LAND HOLDINGS IN EXCESS OF CEILING LIMITS ; AND , THE MIS CARRY OF FACTS . AS SUCH, WEALTH OF ALL TYPES SHALL HAVE A CEILING LIMITS FOR TAXING. THE GOVERNMENT SHALL RE INTRODUCE THE WEALTH TAX PLEASE . more  
Today's news reveal that in Tamilnadu , Madhurai district , a Granite Contractor allocated before a decade back resorted to even HUMAN SACRIFICE at that Granite Mine area which was published in news in 2011 . Lately , after protests and even a COURT Case , 3 days back , 4 Skeletons were found while Survey inspection out of which a Boy's Skeletal also concluded . Yesterday , Friday , another 2 Skeletons were found and the Contractor of that Granite Mine was arrested . ALTHROUGH THIS DECADE , IT WAS REPORTED THAT ONE LAKH CRORES OF RUPEES WERE IN THIS GRANITE SMUGGLING . Secondly , in new A. P. State area ; Three Districts are used by the Sand Mafia smuggling 3 Crores ; 4.5 Crores ; and ; 3 Crores PER MONTH IN Srikakulam , West Godawary and , Ananthapur Districts. Earlier , the High Court also warned the Telangana State and the new A.P. State Governments on this Sand smuggling . WE ALSO HAVE TO THINK DEEPLY TO DEFINITELY FORMULATE WEALTH CEILING THROUGH WEALTH TAXING AS OTHER-WISE NONE CAN STOP EXCEPT THE MAOISTS AND NAXALITE TEAMS IF STILL THE CITIZEN DO NOT AWOKE . more  
These problems are there in every state, region and locality. This is a healthy discussion to be continued for reformation and action. more  
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