It is the duty of every citizen to vote in the election but when no candidate find favour with the voter, then what should the voter do ? Obviously, voter has to vote for “NOTA”. Many citizens in Tamil Nadu today feel this way. Can we campaign for NOTA and humiliate these self centred and corrupt politicians. This is an opportunity for honest citizens which they should utilize.

Nobody anymore believe that a politician is a honest person. Almost everyone thinks that politicians have huge black money , they accumulate wealth by dishonest methods and behavior of some of them is not much different from criminals. Many politicians face criminal charges including murder. Most of them go scot free using their money power and by circumventing the law.

The forthcoming parliament election is a clear case of unprincipled politicians who form alliance between various groups purely to win election and seize power and accumulate more money.

It is distressing that in number of cases, politics has become a family business.

In such circumstances, it is impossible for honest people to contest elections and win. Possibly, the large number of voters who vote on the basis of caste, cash they get or the freebies they get are also responsible for the electoral success of criminal politicians and the politicians exploit the weakness and vulnerability of these people.

In the case of thieves , they don’t claim that they are honest people and they don’t claim that they have ethical and moral values. Are the politicians today any different from the thieves ? Probably, most of the politicians are worse than thieves , since even as they indulge in corrupt dealings , they claim that they are honest.

Can a silent revolution take place in Tamil Nadu amongst cross section of concerned citizens to exercise their franchise in favour of NOTA reflecting the public mood. In today’s conditions, democracy will convincingly win in India if NOTA gets the majority vote.

Let not the concerned citizens feel helpless but use their power through “NOTA”.

Nandini Voice for The Deprived more  

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In TN, all governments so far has reduced standards of education to a farce. This ensures majority of the students passing out are unemployable, and therefore votes can be purchased cheaply. Even now, one party promises to remove NEET for TN if elected to power. How can they do that when SC has imposed it and the MCI will not certify students who has bypassed the SC directive. This is not to facilitate students but to only help the medical colleges which are mostly owned by politicians to make huge sums of money.
As long as people remain poor and be bought by a few hundred rupees, a biriyani and some liquor, the situation will not improve. more  
The solution would be that where NOTA forms the majority opinion and parties contesting the election have garnered less votes, NOTA should be declared the winner. That means none of
the contestants can be declared the majority winner since NOTA number is greater. This would then point to President's rule in the concerned State, perhaps or a reelection with fresh candidates.
Retired Bank Official
Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
18th April, 2019 more  
To cast the vote is one's right. Nota is one option the shich some follow. But here what we have to think is to send a comparatively correction-free group to assume power and we have to help that group to come to power. We never had a strong government and a strong leader in India. Now we have and given another term would be in the best interest of India. If it goes to the corrupt hands who are already facing lot of legal cases, it will help them to come scot-free. That means we are helping such most corrupt (I mean most corrupt of the lot) to assume power, even by taking (alleged) foreign helps. Yes I am for "Chowkidaar", though I do not have any leaning to any political party. more  
In Mahabharata war between Pandavas and Kauravas, their Paternal grandfather Vidura did not participate. But what happened?War took place and Pandavas won the war. so also the Election war is going to take place. vote for NOTA is not going to solve the problem . "CHO" SIR,S.Ramaswami, FORMER Editor of THUGLAK was against NOTA. Because it would not solve the problem, because nearly 125/130 crores of people are going to participate to vote in the elections.
so it is the best choice to vote for less evil forces.
In fact "Cho sir predicted before his demise, that Modiji was the right candidate for Prime Minister ship, and it came true.
For the past 5 years India is Governed by BJP rule and it was a good.The status of India was raised in the world.Now China and Pakistan , really think twice before taking any steps against India.In order to prevent the chinese goods, flooding in the Indian market, Modiji has started "MAKE IN INDIA" project .This would take at least few years to yield to bear fruit.

In Tamilnadu,Previous, DMK Govt .encouraged to flood chinese dolls in Madurai market and our clay dolls vanished from Indian market.The artizans of clay dolls vanished from the cottage DOLL industry.
Infact former C.M. Karunanidhi"s family took over the doll trade and imported chinese dolls.
His daughter Kanimozhi has coal mines in Indonesia and the then Govt.imported,poor quality coal from that mines and gave 200 crores every month.
DMK Govt,could have solved the problem of electricity by putting Solar panels all over Tamilnadu which would have cost them only 200 crores.But DMK Govt.kept silence because they do not want to lose the family income.

So also Congress Govt. encouraged the previous Finance Minister P.Chidambaram to fill his pocket with amazing Indian public money through Corruption.Sonia,Priyanka,her husband are no exception. 2 G scam is famous and no need to explain.No P.Chidambaram's son is standing in the election.We have to defeat him at any cost.NOTA is no use.

The previous Congress Govt. was following the policy of appeasement for everything and anything
and sacrificed internal security. But Modiji gave priority to internal security and gave highest respect to our Army and gave full independence to Army to tackle Pakistan's terrorist activities.

This one reason is enough to vote for BJP.In Tamilnadu vote for Mega Kootani under ADMK
Alliance and A STRONG NO,NO,NO,NO,NO, TO "NOTA"--
Patriot of India- Bharthi Kumar- Consumer Activist. more  
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