Anxious to fill the space in these “corona days” and probably with the good intention of spreading awareness about COVID 19 , print and visual media are organizing debates between “experts” and social platforms are full of “views” on cause and effect of coronavirus. This has now reached an alarming level, as most of such observations are poorly informed and without any detailed study and back up data.
One “expert” in TV debate in India has said that according to his calculation, around 55 lakh people would be affected by coronavirus in India by April.

Another “expert doctor” has said that coronavirus is already showing signs of reaching unmanageable level in India due to poor medical infrastructure facilities and lack of sanitary habits of many people and added that “writing is on the wall” .
Some ”experts” have said that herbal medicines can cure coronavirus. Some suggested that spraying the mixture of turmeric and neem leaves in front of the house can help. Suggestions also have been made that “Keezhanelli” a traditional herb, can cure coronavirus disease.

Some ”experts” have said that cleaning hands with medicinal soap would be necessary and others said that any soap would be adequate and some others said cleaning with clean water would be enough.

Some “experts” said that coronavirus would not affect when the atmospheric temperature would be around 35 deg. centigrade and therefore , in summer coronavirus would go away.

Some “experts” say that life of coronavirus is 14 days and some others say that it is less and some others say that it is more.

Some “experts” say that mask should be worn at all times and others say healthy people need not wear mask.
It should be kept in view that medical doctors and medical researchers are different. Doctors prescribe the medicine suggested or approved by medical researchers. In such circumstances, the views of the doctors need not always be considered as correct, as they have no research capability in the true sense of the term.

It is high time that government should declare that only announcements by the government should be publicized in the media and social platforms and not the views of the so called “experts”.

Nandini Voice For The Deprived more  

When there is no knowledge about a particular topic, the media brings the views of everyone who is regarded as an expert by society.They are just doing their duty.If the Govt has any concrete and researched information then they can definitely stop all other information. But even advanced countries who have done all the research are doing everything on a trial and error basis. Each state in the USA is issuing different advisories. If the traditional herbal treatment can help in this critical situation just as our PM Modi himself has reiterated several times that Indian Yoga has cured many diseases and it is also a historical fact that Laxman was saved from the herbs from the sanjeevana hills it is high time we also use the potential of our Indigineous medicines in research to save our countrymen from imported diseases. This research on indigineous medicines have time and again been sidelined and rubbished due to the overhelming influence of the advanced countries in the medical field, this is the apt time and also a challenge and an oppurtunity for our Indian medicine researchers to prove to the world that what our PM Modi said was right. more  
Yes, its high time Government banned such debates, b'cos in any debate there will be for and against arguments. Further these half-baked debates usually end abruptly due to time constraint and make the viewers all the more confused. Its like how the politicians look for vote bank opportunity even in dire situations, the electronic media also add spice to the programs to boost their TRP rating......unmindful of the after effects....on public. more  
Agreed fully. Government should ban such debates. They create more panic among public rather than giving confidence. more  
On Corona only Govt authorized news only aired and No others, bcos it's still not thoroughly studied. more  
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