Many of us have the similar burning and torturing issues and, all are shared in the Issue Posts in the Transform India with Modi Circle and , the many on priority had also been compiled & set to the concerned Ministry and Central Government .
1. We all know that the first top important issues contemplated as Draft Bills in the Parliament still awaited the consent of the Legislature .
2. In deed , all the issues rooted this situation is only the non implementation of the set Directives of our Democracy , and , the carry of Democracy at will of the Legislators having un-ending intervention of the governance under the constitution by the Executive which is proved as only name sake Executive of the Constitution. If the Executive was separated from the Legislature Secretariats , the Executive could have its option to adopt the articles listed in the Directive principles of Indian Democratic Rule that was so then itself set for the better carry of the public peace , Safety , and Fraternity besides the implementation of the Public Welfare provisions listed which could have addressed the acute lively needs of the Indian Citizen .
3. Even after our vested democratic participation of sharing the public issues with the Best and unique opportunity given by these , and , the promptly sincere efforts of these Circle Managing Team , inevitably we are left with the opportunity of only the dependency on the Present Legislature AND OR , any other provisions of our Constitution that empowered the other Bodies of the Constitution and the only President of India .

4. I request all our co-members to kindly concentrate on this one and only one issue for turning the fate of Indian poor and innocent Citizen to the main goal of addressing proper , fit and Economical livelyhood under the already written Specifications for achievement of a Good Democracy after the Freedom Struggle and Sacrifice of our fore fathers .

5. My this request in this Circle is only to have the Specific Legal alternatives under the existing Constitution since any amendment or addition require again the Majority in the legislature of both the houses independently . more  

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Yesterday , I viewed in T. V. that a member of Scheduled & Tribal area , deliberated protests and demands for addressing the S.C. & S.T. issues questioning the Governments . It is indeed a pity that if he opts to file a PIL in the Supreme Court for the address of article 45 46 , and 47 of the Constitution at the right of article 15 -4 ; and 16 - 4 SINCE THE SUPREME COURT HAD DECADES BACK SPECIFIED THAT THEY WILL TAKE-UP SUCH PETITIONS EVEN WRITTEN ON AN URGE AT FREE LEGAL INSTANCE UNDER ARTICLE 32. They know that still even after 68 years of the Indian Political Democracy , the Landed properties like Granite , Boxite etc., National natural Wealth ; and ; the Sandal Wood , Red Sandal etc., of Forest produce have had been under continued Robbery and smuggling and ; this wealth if controlled and applied to address the benefits of the Scheduled Areas , the real Indian poor can be of Socially and Economically dressed-up long back . THIS TYPE OF CARRY OF POLITICAL RULE IS NOT ONLY INJUSTICE , BUT ALSO INHUMAN AND EVEN ........Please . This is why I am referring the Constitutional Articles only in my comments and posts only to justify my concern over the Common and poor Indians . PLEASE HELP . more  
Even day before yesterday , the A. P. Police Seized Ganjai , a very light weight prohibited Scheduled Area Produce of Forest Area costing about 45 lakhs at the last week at a Check Post Center in Northwest area . The person caught is a Tamilnadu Citizen . In this way there have been the Robbery and Smuggling of Forest Produces from many places while still the issue of further Reservations , subsidies at the cost of the other Citizen is still instigated . THE new A. P. State government now opted to ADD ANOTHER CAST FOR THE APPLICATION OF RESERVATION while there has been the wide protest for the Ban of Reservations on Casts based which is ought to be replaced with the Economy Base . This proposal of the new A. P. Government is absolutely had no place in the Constitution which did not specify other than those S.C. , S.T. and while the it was staged seriously in both parliament and , even in the Supreme Court Senior Lawyers that the Reservations and Subsidies etc., based on Castecism leads to public unrest , failure of fraternity and even creates rivalry AND , THE BEST METHOD OF ADDRESSING SUCH IS ONLY THE ECONOMY BASED APPLICATION THAT SPREADS JUSTICE OF THOSE STRIVING & STARVING . Please let us try to reduce at least some injustice to the poor and Common Citizen still striving for the life lead opting for correct systems of public operations . more  
The Statistics of 2011 do prove the carried Poverty and paucity in lots in different angle Census while the INDIAN WEALTH HAS HAD BEEN UNDER INVASION AND LOOT SINCE 3 CENTURIES PRIOR TO INDEPENDENCE OF 1947 AND , EITHER CONTRACTUALLY OR , HABITUALLY , OR PURPOSEFULLY SET TO LOOT AND ROBBERY BY THE ANTI SOCIAL AND THE ANTI NATIONAL ELEMENTS SO PATRONAGED ALLOWING STILL UNDER INDEPENDENCE IN INDIA . This is the proven fact that in the New A. P. State , the Police Seized 44 lakhs worth Red Sandal and arrested 4 Smugglers ONE IS CITIZEN OF MAOIST CHINA ; ONE IS CITIZEN OF TIBET THE CHINA'S NEIGHBOR AND , THE THIRD ONE IS A CITIZEN OF MADHYAPRADESH , INDIA . This reveals that the Border Countries of India had not stopped the invasion and loot of Indian Wealth from Businesses and Produces from the Scheduled areas where the Maoists and Naxalites are sheltered and allowed to have their parallel rule . IT IS SO NECESSARY TO REALIZE EVEN NOW, TO SAVE INDIANS UNDER SUCCESSORS AND THE CARRIED INDIAN CITIZEN . It is necessary that all he responsible 3 Governing Bodies of our Constitution shall positively , democratically arrest such with National Integrity please . more  
On 28-11-15 also New A.P. Police Seized 50 lakhs worth Red Sandal while on Smuggling. They also Seized TEN LORRY loads of goods under transport from Karnataka and Tamilnadu States without paying any Tax on all those goods . Please one again think for the better administration possibilities . more  
In my opinion, Courts must show specific interest on all such of these public and National property and Funds when so looted continuously . We had seen in the issue of Smuggler Veerappan . He and his team were caught only after the serious directions of the Supreme Court to the then Central and , the Karnataka governments . more  
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