1. The Circle’s Posts on ; Policing , Bureaucracy , Tax evasion , P S Us , Central & State governments , Municipalities , Road & Transport Safety , Wine mafia , Drug mafia , Corruption & Black money , Women Safety & welfare , had the Top issue with majority suggestions as “ Political Interference to be eliminated “ .
2. In addition to the above 11 , the Circle’s posts on ; Print & Press Media , Women & Child Safety , Odd Adds , Misleading adds , N G Os , Improving Education { 3 different posts } , Healthcare , Making Business easy , Make in India , Specially Disabled , Senior Citizen , District Administration , Misuse & Misallocation , Banking Sector , Middlemen menace , Price inflation & control , Electoral Reforms , Political Funds , Jails & Prisons , What & how M Ps , M L As to do , Parliament Business- stalling of Bills , Public Safety , and , Improving judiciary had the Top issue with majority suggestions as “ Some of the pertinent Laws to be reformed and, loop-holes redressed “ . These are 23 in number requiring law reforms .
3. In my opinion, it is not the Indian Constitution or its articles that opened the gate for all the 11 and , 23 issues those are specifically and in particular, in the empowered Power of the Executive and even for the 23 , the Executive have not set their Revival & Reforming proposals to the Indian Legislature .
4. Indian Judiciary i.e., the prime Supreme Court Constitutional Bench has always been standing in line with the Indian Constitution safeguarding the Objectives and ethics of the Constitution . And, not only the Supreme Court full Bench , the other part of the Supreme Court , High Courts and other Courts after 1990 than is since 2 and half decades , [ 1] do not have the requisite Courts in any State and the State , [ 2] do not have the requisite number of Judges in the Courts those established , and, [ 3 ] The Judiciary has never been endowed with sufficient Fund and Finances to meet the acutely requisite requirements of the Judiciary as a whole .
5. Neither the Honourable Indian Executive , nor the Honourable Presidents of India stepped into addressing this basic , fundamental and essential necessity of keeping the Judiciary with sufficiency which could have fulfilled their duty with the vested Honour and Duty-bound
The issues under point 1 and 2 are already taken-up by these and , it is the duty of the Executive and the Legislators to fulfill their part of 1 to 5 please . Our positive participation will help the present government to carry these Reforms and lead the whole nation and our people along-with us towards the good governance , the purpose of our honourable present Prime Minister of India , Sri Narendra Modi .
YESTERDAYS’ T. V. 9 A. P. News stating that THE CONGRESS PARTY , COMMUNIST PARTY WITH OTHER OPPOSITION PARTIES DSCIDED TO PLANT A RIGOROUS PROTEST & STAGE AGAINST THE GOVERNMENTS OF A.P. AND, THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA has indeed not only inspired but also instigated me to forward this request to the please . more  

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Sir, I could not explain my intention clearly to you . I in deed mean to have a Grievance Redress Cell / Desk / Team within the total present participants that score above 2 and a half lakhs as a Central Team ; And , such Teams is every State . This Grievance help Team / Teams can represent to any departments and bodies on behalf of the members that set their grievances to start up initially .
I thought that if such Cells are set up , as you earlier suggested , every member can have identity or membership Cards and any such that may be in requisite .
If such Cells are possible and started , in the second step the issue registration for any representation to any department and bodies can be obtained .
In the next course , as you suggested , municipality wise Teams can be formed and decided as may be required to adhere to the above processes .

In simple , my idea is that our present participation like participation itself shall have an access to these Central Team and State Teams etc., and our posted comments or , mails shall carry the bindings of the representation/ report mailed ; And , the concerned Teams will workout the representations , contacts , followups and , the backup information .
I thought , this will help a lot since this is the collective approach on any single issue or issues . This will help all those expenses and costs the individuals could not bare and there by loose lot may public necessities while leaving off the lot many ills un-questioned which had resulted in oppressive or diversified public administration till this period please .
Kindly share for the good cause please . more  

Good Governance is based on pure Administrative Set-up which depends on framing of set of rules, its successful implementation and mainly led with high moral and strong civic ethics personalities as Administrator. Till now Justice was considered with the addition of academic values in the shape smart argumentative with known sections under India Penal Code. In the opinion of the mass, IAS, IPS, Civil Servants, Captan or Col. are the good administrator. In spite of these set ups, corruption is in existence and most of these people are inspired.

For good governance, academic attention has devoted to restorative justice of community involvement. LOCAL CIRCLE is good and effective solution which has started in Bharat from the entry of MODI GOVERNMENT and providing favorable & effective results.

For approaching local circle to central and/or state level, we should approach social media or a website where we can put our proposal and after getting public support of 25000 or more, it is considered to prepare WALLPAPER to be produced before the Parliament as a bill and passing the resolution of bill through majority of MPs. more  
Sri Ramesh , will there be any possibility of Centralized Union Team ; State wise Teams under the unite circles . If this is thought for a possible conclusion , all positives will be with in the reach of this circle's shared coordination . Please think-over for the possible easy public option through these circles . more  
Thanks and welcome CSN Sarmajee for your judicial reformation and the role of for active participation. To get true recognition the role of in public the following may be considered:
1. Every local circle should have common MISSION, VISION and GOAL to perform their role for the formation of GOOD GOVERNANCE with HIGH MORAL AND STRONG COMMERCIAL ETHICS.
2. Provision for registering of local circle at District Court. After successful registration with the above norms, should get IDENTITY CARD for each member.
3. IDENTITY CARD may be permissible to enter and interact with high officials Central/State Government and Public/Private Sectors on the basis of priority of the case.
4. Denying/delaying of meeting and unable to provide facts may be charged with punishment u/s ______
3. No. of members may be fixed from 5 to 20.
4. Each locality may be provided with one local circle with the overall population of 1,00,000. more  
On top priority , there is the need to address Policing , Electoral Reforms , Political Funds , N G Os & Judiciary . These five will fast direct for responsible role not only these 5 but also their public instigation that only second our goal of good governance which is a must at-least from December , 2015 please . more  
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