The Laws relating to women's safety, rape, sexual assault were made with a strong bias in favour of females because the law-makers seem to have been heavily influenced by a few cases then reported about males exploiting, harassing and committing rape of females. The law-makers did not anticipate the possibility of females being exploitative and vindictive. Various cases have come to light in which innocent males have been put to mental harassment and even torture on account of false allegations of females. Law-making should always aim at balancing the interests of all the stake-holders and it is high time the lack of balance in making laws in respect of alleged rape, sexual harassment and the like is rectified to bring about the required balance. more  

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Dear Sarma garu: These are all the foot falls of modernisation and financial well being and chasing of wealth & AMERICANISATION, that is being blindly chased. This is more akin to the mad running into jungle of the animal that has been caged and released. Another "side effect" of liberlisation and freedom. Rest of the developing world and underdeveloped world fail to see these side effects and only see the "freedom" which is none other rampant promiscuity. Fortunately little wisdom has now started to dawn on the western world. In that they now realise the good points of Indian culture, large family (joint family culture), most importantly they have started realising and debating the advantages that this Indian culture gives in terms of social security to the elders - who unfortunately legally get redundant after a specified age (which of course is good for the next generations and one has to whole heartedly support that). and cannot die because of so many factors which all of us are aware of!! The civilised societies have for quiet some time started realising the "head ache" and problems on the governments that these "redundant" old people are. They have also started realising the ill effects of promiscuity and extra freedoms. I used to read in TIME & ECONOMIST magazines, way back in 1970s, where there were open ADs from UN organizations not to allow girls free dome as the girls were getting pregnant much before their maturities and as they cannot take care of children would abandon them. Parents are not bothered as they are too busy with their respective works - those who did not care for their own children, how and what would they care for "illegal" grand children. Then these bring in their own multi farious problems that accompany. These arguments can go on and on. more  
We are not in the direction of what Sri prof. Rama Kumar staging but only in the present dragged situational facts . It is absolutely true that the Sex linked Crime has its too-fold concerns including DILUTION OF A REGION OR DIVISION OF PEOPLE ; CREATING ACUTE UNREST FOR SECURING DOMINATION AND DOMINION . The issues and actions since last Ten years definitely roots some thing un-thoughtful . In addition to my above sharing , the following will reveal certain facts and legal implications . Ram Family Acres 30 Nandan Family Acres 30 FM, mS , mD 10 FM , mS , mD 10 M Son 10 m Married D -- M Son 10 M Married D -- Total 5 30 Total 5 10 Surrendered Acres Nil Surrendered Acres 20 Rajan Family Acres 30 Rao’s Family Acres 05 FM , mS , mD 10 FM , mS , mD 2 ½ M Son 10 M Son 2 ½ M un-Married M Daughter -- Daughter -- Total 5 20 Total 5 5 Surrendered Acres 10 Surrendered Acres Nil This is Self Evaluating & Self Explanatory before 2005 From 2005 : Ram Family 1 x 6 = 6 + 4 x 6 = 24 = 30 Acres Nandan Family 1 x 2 = 2 + 4 x 2 = 08 = 10 Acres Rajan Family 1 x 4 = 4 + 4 x 4 = 16 = 20 Acres Rao’s Family 1 x 1 = 1 + 4 x 1 = 04 = 05 Acres 1. Implication of land Ceiling Act from 2005 whether exists if so, how . 2 i. Property rights of un married female – social implications ii. Property rights of Married female – family Circumstantial implications. 3. Disputes arise if male spouse possess property and the female spouse do not while his brother’s wife possess & brings in. 4. Clashes arising if female spouse possess property and her husband do not possess when her sister’s Husband possess and brings in . 5. The ambitious inspirations of Lovers on property at the event of Marriage where problem or cunning buds . 6. New Couple intending on Business or growth/ safeguard of Business naturally bends on property mortgage or Sale. 7. Male get only Parental property Share i.e., single Benefit . 8. Female get rights of Paternal property Share and also the enjoyment or Husband’s Property Share since the day of marriage or away from . 9. THE INDIAN CONCEPT OF FAMILY SYSTEM & SET UP APPEARS TO HAVE BEEN DISCONTINUED BY GOVT. WITH THE 2005 AMENDMENT . 10. Sri Rao’s committee Report appears to be fully not incorporated in 1948 and 1949 absolutely with pre planned will-full lead . more  
ARE WE APPROACHING SEX LINKED CRIME IN A PROPER WAY? Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) developed some of the most influential theories in modern psychology and psychoanalysis. His division of the mind into the conscious and unconscious components has driven research on the brain into very specific directions, and his contributions extend into the field of neuroscience, as well. By exploring the underlying motivations of our behaviors, Freud pioneered new levels of abstraction in human thought. Although notorious for his emphasis upon sexual desire as a motivating force, there are many common misunderstandings. Sexuality and libido is not restricted for the simple desire for procreation and orgasm. It includes all bodily pleasures we seek or require. Libido should be conceptualized as the manifestation of instinct, fueling our natural bodily inclinations. Consensus precedes affection, attraction and proactive desire of two partners. It has no place for obligation or reward. Sex itself is wrongly emphasized by society because of the intense and direct conflict it creates between the individual involved and their social environment. Freud's theories of personality development focus on how our natural psychic drives adjust due to societal regulations. Freud emphasized how events in early childhood dictated our behavior later in life. Adult development was not Freud's focus. He rejected the traditional concept of hierarchical models of personality development because he felt that they are unfairly imposed societal norms thrust upon an individual. Discussions on rape are mixed up with other sexual interactions, thus diverting opinions elsewhere or offering clues for advocates of accused. There are ramifications to the non-consensual intercourse or intrusions Gang rape being the worst of it. Eve teasing, staring (some taking a casual second look), ogling or passing comments and even incest sex has to be dealt independent of rape which essentially is a male oppression of a criminal mind. Low or no opportunity to access physiological need cannot be an excuse for rape. Desire is not unique to males; but report of men getting gang raped is rare. [Can stealing food store by a hungry person or looting of bank by poor be justified?] Nor can a dress be interpreted as provocative. None of the Victims of reported gang rapes so far were provocatively dressed. In fact a bold dress evokes a message of boldness; a cowardly male seldom dare aggress a bold victim. Some rapes and generally child abuse can be sequel to cowardly desire for sex. It could even ends up in violence or murder due to a frantic attempt of accused to destroy evidence when faced with threat of getting exposed or with resistance. Touching or a cowardly pinching in a crowded bus/ train or sex within family (incest) are also wrongly dragged in parallel to rape by some vested interest to prove that rape is a very common crime beyond cure. Equating rape to “survival of the fittest” or “alpha male expression” or “dominant gene alleles” is misguiding as it emerges from incomplete knowledge of sex or sexuality. Low/ no opportunity to access physiological need cannot be an excuse for rape. Desire for partnership is not unique to males; but report of men getting gang raped is rare. Sexual exploitations in office, colleges, institution or public office often go un-noticed or get typed as consensual sex (or sex for reward). Incest behavior is more often hushed up in an attempt to save the honor of the victim or the family. An opportunity to study this type sexual action is thwarted by a shroud of mystery, fantasy or secrecy. Natural desire for incestual behviour is described by Dr. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) in clinical psychology. But in Germany itself his theories were suppressed as vulgar and unnatural. more  
Seconding the T. V. Visuals and Sex intoxicating ADDS , mainly the Love factor alone ruling 70% while the Wealth sharing is dominatingly acquired the second prime factor. The root cause of multiple increase in the sustained and continued Eve Teasing and Ragging not only in Boys hostels but also in Girls Hostels in Colleges and in Universities . Thus , the Eve Teasing , Ragging at teen age and youth ; Sex instigating and Sex provocative ADDS and item songs being repeated through-out the day and night amidst the carry of open loose Wine consumption at the Wine Shops ALL PUT TOGETHER SINCE ABOUT 1995 resulted to such a disaster to bring in such serious and stringent Acts WHICH WAS ONLY AND ONLY DUE TO THE UTTER FAILURE AND MISCARRY OF POLICE i.e., the Law & Order AND , the Law & Justice ABSOLUTELY AT THE WILL-FULL INSTANCE OF POLITICAL INTERFERENCE . In deed , it leads to still un controllable in all kinds of ills from Finance ; Natural Resources ; to Family system AND , even the Wife and husband [ Couple ] . Executive shall not possess the sharing scope of Legislature AND , THE LEGISLATURE SHALL NOT HAVE THE POWERS IN EXECUTION to carry the due and real Democracy . The Difference between POLICING & MILITARY CLEARLY EXPLAINS AND PROVES THE ABOVE . more  
It is beyond doubt and am in complete support that women and their self has got to be protected. Miscreants and unethical elements will be ever present and omni present. Unfortunately our laws so archaic and so irrelevant that even the modern laws have that their administration is still influenced by the same archaic procedures and systems. Adding to that are the mischievous legal fraternity that so unabashedly misuse the leniency and have firm faith in letting the matters go on and and on as that is their source of income. Else they would not subject a rape victim even after identification pose same questions over and over to embarass and insult the female dignity which is what they play on. At the same time there have to be certain deterrants on women to take undue advantage of law. more  
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