OPS should have insisted on President`s Rule in the State instead of just opposing the Motion of Confidence.
Now that the Confidence Vote has been passed after evicting the Opposition Parties the Governor according to precedents and the Indian Constitution can recommend dissolution of the Assembly since there was a Law and Order problem within the Assembly.
Also the right of Admission into the Assembly was denied to the Media and Newspaper Reporters, ulterior motive of suppressing the proceedings of the House.
This is a gross violation of Right to Information Act. as well as Fundamental Right of Expression.
The Learned Governor has given 15 days time to the Chief Minister Elect, but he has chosen to prove his strength on the floor of the House by using Money and Muscle Power at an early date, without giving the MLAs time to visit their Constituency before Voting on the Motion of Confidence which is also against the mandate of the people.
Tamilnadu is bound to be in a spell of Confusion and under the control of the Money and Muscle Powers of the Cotterie of a few Elected Representative , who blindly think they are not accountable to the Electorate / Consituency. more  

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The comments provided so far by the participants is well understood, but does not find a lasting solution. In my opinion, we should share our thoughts with our fellow voters, particularly those who are carried away by the LEADERS' speeches before the elections, be it for municipality, or corporatin, or for Assembly or for parliament. We should remind the voters (with the recent happening as an example) that there is always a coterie around the bad leader and the election promises are only to woo the electoate. Once elected, the representative will neither have adequate poseer nor the willingness to fulfil his promise to the electorate. His / her first target would be to regain the money spent on elections by hook or by crook. I have personally seen that the promises of the politicins are only an eyewash. When the road in front of my house remained badly damaged for a long time, in one of the councillor's public meet, I represented and demanded a time-line for making it a perfect motorable road which should remain strong for a minimum guranteed period. As assured by the councillor, the road was promptly repaired and relaid within the time frame, but with inferior quality materials and bad workmanship. In the next couple of light rains, the road collapsed and battered. So I do not believe in empty promises. In such a case of failure, the councillor must be made answerable and accountable. Similarly all the law makers are accounatable to the public and must be questioned by the mass in a peaceful manner, until they admit the flaws are rectify without any burden to the taxpayer. I h more  
dmk and admk are both chip of the old block. Like ramaswamy cho said as thiruthha mudiyaatha kaluthai for dmk and athilum thiruthha mudiyaatha kaluthai for admk more  
My view is that the students and adults should go on the street and show their protest. cannot wait for another 5 year term. Further Ammas body was lying for 75 days at the hospital. Who questioned that? No body even ops too. Kick all donkeys out and send new blood to the stream. more  
Dear all, Here in Tamil Nadu we lost democracy, simply money can do anything, speculation are there that huge money transferred to brothers account of our acting governor, like money pumped to Justice Kumaraswamy, in Karnataka High Court. Now in India the decease of greedy on money spreading. No body in the power is bother about morality and modality in life. That why here in India poor became poorer rich become richer. more  
The DMK ulterior motive is to disturb the session and thawart the confidence motion.There is no discipline on the part of DMK legislatures as always the case.Mr. Stalin practically has no control over them as the leader.But Sasikala Group attempt to hold the power by cook or crook is here to every to see.The MLAs were kept as the captive for nearly a fortnight and moved to the assembly as the prisners and forced to sit unmoved till the session is over.AS the people totally disillusioned with their elected representatives calling for fress mentate seems to be the only option to the governor I belive. more  
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