I received following message on my personal email from Mr Kumaran through local circles, Can any one provide some help to the gentleman?

I am Kumaran living in 3/5, 24th cross road, gandhinagar, vellore, Tamil Nadu 632006 with my family two kids. Cristian community who lives aound my house and their supporters are creating huge problem to me and my family.
They are destroying the hindu's faith while making Hindu pujas and listening to the holly songs inside my house using bad words. They are saying their Cristian community ( Ego centric ), college Auxilim , hospital Cristian Medical College ( CMC ) by giving huge trouble continuously (24x7) to me and to public. They are threatening me by saying to the public about what I am thinking inside ( like cricket commentary, by huge shouts ) , looking inside my property when my doors are shut ( neighbours ) and my dreams , which is happening inside and outside my house. This is a big problem around me. I last my job because of their activity against me ( Hindu ). This was happened silently for some years ( without my knowledge ) and for past 1 year they are creating biggest problem around me to say simply vacate my own house. They are publicly announcing that nobody will come and rescue me even the ruling party office and police station is very near to me.
Emphasis and cause of the serious problem which I can realise is ''Here local people are beliving me as a goddess ANGALA PARAMESHWARI, and saying me as 'AMMA' ''. This true to my knowledge and living beings around me are supporting me very much.
Now I am suffering without job and they are not even allowing me to operate my computer ( when I am looking for my job) by just telling what I am reading, typing. Disclosing my bank passwords and all my operating passwords even 'local circle' passwords publicly. This seems to be motivating the public to do 'CRIME' against me. Even now they keenly watching me and commenting publicly my inputs to you . This harassment is happening for past few months. I tried to stop them orally by communicating to them initially ( when my 2 Cristian neighbourhoods started ) not to take this weapon which was beyond our normal human capabilities. ' This should not use for destroying other religion persons like me. This will lead to serious chaos among the public and to your religion. This will create a huge chaos to the public, culture and to the government '. This is unbelievable and big threatening to upcoming days to me, my family and our country. They are openly (publicly) commenting, announcing that I need to fuck the cristian prostitute ( Auxilium school retired teacher and Ex counsellor 'Kangayanellore' Antony Jayaraj family ladies) who is my neighbourhood and encouraging this type of culture, doing so ( which was big threatening to our culture) the problem happening around me,even where ever I go will be resolved automatically. Otherwise I will be killed slowly by this harassment.
The police complaint against Antony jayaraj and their family is existing in near by police station. Police too are not carring about this huge problem and confusion to the public created by them. Here localities around me are very much supporting to them where I cannot raise my voice.
They publicly disclosing that all the problems mentally (saying my present thoughts and looking my activity inside my house where doors are closed) and physically ( They are torturing like billy, soonyam) They are raising my pennis without my controllable consciousness by sitting next to house, announcing ''fuck the cristian prostitute'' , publicly. The people too, who lives around are able to tell the thoughts, dream and seeing the activities (thinks) in side my house by sitting remotely. which I too cannot believable this leads to end up with AIDS Virus. The above said action was captured in my camera at that time. Even at that time people lives around me are saying to think my relatives which are considered to me as sisters and mothers and not to capture in my camera. This is happening publicly in and around my area.This I cannot even able to complaint or tell to anyone which was happening above our sixth sense ( Immagination beyond our human capabilities ).
The Auxilium college students are residing inside the campus building and supporting the culprit people outside the campus by just saying this is supporting and guiding by Cristian Medical College.They are residing far away ( can audible their shout ) from my house and supporting the culprits.
Before this utter mental and physical harassment, these people tortured me orally ( by shouting on me with bad words )past one year. Resulting when I came out of the public building premises on sunday , ( District Industrial Centre 'DIC' ) the person who resided into the building, took my bike key and called the local people created the fight by just create a problem and called the local police. The police too not enquired properly and created a huge bad impression on me to the public. Hence I got beaten by the local people in my living area.
They are comparing this problematic culture to BPO/ITES/IT. Specifically my Corporate HCL Technologies ( Solinganallur, Navalur Chennai ) where I worked before 2 years which I am not able to realise at that time. I resigned myself because of their harassment against me. This was noticed by my Director and he suggested to resign immediately which he felt too bad about the harassment on me when he was resigned from HCL Technologies.
This is my problem where this will lead to big chaos to the public later. Already in Vellore, Tamil nadu the chaos started. When I go to markets and shops people started to say my running thoughts inside me which I didn't disclosed by my mouth. For this reason I am not able to go to the market places and shop to buy my frequent necessary things even my tablets ( Diabetic ). Even these people knows that I am suffering from diabetic disease for past 7 years.
Because of this reason my family is not able to stay with me. I am alone and getting huge harassment by these people mentally, physically and sexually. The people who are coming to my house as guest also affected and get threatening by them.

Thanks and Regards,
Kumaran. more  

It is sad information. The remedy lies in filing complaint with the court of Judicial Magistrate if Police is in hand and glove with these criminals and follow up in the Court. Give a copy of the FIR in News Chanels and Papers and approach BJP unit of Tamilnadu for help. more  
Please read this and advise your friends and family!
You may SAVE others' lives as advised by Dr. (Mrs.) Chandra Kanta Gosain!

Incident One: A little boy died because surgeons found ants in his brain! Apparently this boy fell asleep with some sweets in his mouth or with some sweet stuff beside him. Ants soon got to him and some ants in fact crawled into his ear which somehow managed to go to his brain. When he woke up, he did not realize that ants had gone to his head. After that, he constantly complained about itchiness around his face. His mother brought him to a doctor, but the doctor could not figure out what was wrong with him. He took an X-ray of the boy and to his horror, he found a group of live ants in his skull. Since the ants were still alive, the doctor could not operate on him because the ants were constantly moving around. The boy finally died. So please be careful when leaving food stuff near your bed or when eating in bed. This might attract ants. Most importantly, NEVER you or your child eat sweets before going to bed. You or your child might attract ants while you are asleep.

Incident Two: Another similar incident happened in a hospital in Taiwan . This man was warded in the hospital and was constantly warned by the nurses not to leave food stuff by his bedside because there were ants about. He did not heed their advice. Ants finally got to him. His family members said that the man constantly complained about headaches. He died and a post mortem or autopsy was done on him. Doctors found a group of live ants in his head. Apparently, the ants had been eating bits of his brain. So friends, better be safe than sorry. Never leave food stuff beside your bed you when you go to sleep. IF U Care for Someone......thenfrwrd

My request. Pl forward to all groups.... more  
Well I don't know myself, this is what I received through local circle but as personal email and do not even know this gentleman. more  
Is it really true? There are contradictions here - like dreams / inside house when shut / passwords. Also is he the only Hindu in that entire community? I am finding it very hard to accept. more  
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