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Delhi police has started uploading challans for the traffic offence done in year 2019. They finally has waken up after one year. why should public pay for their lethargy and inefficiency. If they have issued challans in time , driver would have learnt to drive as per rules. For some drivers challan amount is more than their 3 month salary more  

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The owner is responsible for the violations. Read the rule book. more  
Rajeevji your arguement is flawed. however pls. try and connect your mobile no. with your car no. with the help of site VAAHAN. i shall find out more on that. this way moment a challan is issued against your vehicle you shall be able to know as you get an SMS on your mobile no. irrespective of who is driving the vehicle. Also paying online is easy. Going to a court later on to attend a LOK Adalat wastes a lot of time. more  
sir there is no excuse for delay from Police or authority, if challan is there on line, the owner has to pay with penalty. more  
Sri Ramachandran Your suggestion is more draconian than the punishment. Mobility is a fundamental right of citizens and punishment cannot be given without a hearing. Also, it must be comensurate with the violation of law. When politicians promisise "Acchey din" but what we get is "burey din", do you punish the politicians? Don't you know how driving licences are issued in India? Who is responsible for the weak licensing system? Why people do not know how to ensure "defensive driving". It is a common sight that iron rods etc. Are transported on the roofs of mini- trucks. Who should be punished? Have you not seen how ottos ate overcrowded with passengers? Who should be punished for turning a blind eye to these serious violatiobs? You must have seen how traffic is so disciplined in developed countries. That is because of good education on traffic rules and a rigorous driving licencecing system. But in India, we omit the first two vital steps and choose to use the danda!!! I consider it a mental sickness with our style of governance. The developed countries have not developed through ignorance. They have used their strong intellect. Why do you thing, at one time, Gt. Britain ruled the world? They also ruled us even though UK is 1/13 th the size of India! It was their superior technology. So is it with the US now. But we have to go to China to profile cut the metal cladding for the statue of Sardar Patel, that too after yelling "Atmanirbhar" from tree tops! India has also accepted donations from China for the special P.M. Fund! There is something seriously wrong with our policies and governance. Please think over this in a wider perspective. Our traffic police must be manned by engineers and latest technologies must be adopted to first train the people and make then aware of the road safety rules. I am sorry to say, even traffic police park their vehicle at road junctions which is not permitted. That is why I say, light the flame of knowledgeķ, train the citizens and reap guaranteed success without "policing" the people and treating them like pots andcans. more  
Agree Mr. Nair, if police takes one year to issue challan. In the mean time driver has gone and now owner has to pay penalty and there is no provisions in india to recover from the erring left employees more  
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