Dial 100,call the Police at odd hours to Haunt Senior Citizens

Police is 'Duty Bound' to respond to every call made through 100
Seniors who are working from home through Internet are an assets to the society or an eye sore?
Seniors who are owners of properties hurt builders a lot & 'connected' builders do want seniors to pop off earlier.
Create false allegations where none exist.
Involve women who are 'Connected' to the builders to harass women owners, to make it look like a Routine Fight among Women,where Police pretends to be Helpless...

Seniors may be popular in their own group & are visible on Google
Do Builders Care about Social Media?

It requires guts to dial 100 because these connected builders are caught up in tons of illegal activities,besides land grabbing/squatting on government land.
Government does give bijli-paani-aadhar-voters card etc for free to all illegal squatters,including high & mighty builders.

Well meaning people have been suggesting to the senior widow,who is owner of her self acquired flat to Ask for Police Protection !!
She took it as a Joke.
Because Builders are getting Mightier,Despite Delhi Police more  

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Rot of give & take,money exchanging between the giver of bribes & the takers of bribe money,without fear of authorities started 40 years ago & gained momentum during past 30 years in Delhi because of confusions created by Dehi Government & Central Government. more  
Very True. more  
I informed Delhi Police through Twitter & got a reply in less than 24 hours to DM the details & I have replied through Twitter. Area Police is already aware about illegal structures on 60 years old building,that used to be a kothie till 1981,made on foundation to take load of ground floor only.
Government gave permission to build identical FF & a Barsati floor on this kothie,without making new foundation. MCD approved maps & Completion Certificate was issued by MCD-1982..Anyone can verify the details of original papers. Builders feel that Old records are 'lost' & they can fiddle with MCD approved maps & still Dare to Dial 100 to harass innocents more  
Society is not government. But government can be made to work by the societies. more  
Society & RWA are just present to be visible for photoops posing as wannabe leaders. They are not interested to do social welfare activities because each one among them poses as an individual.
There is no bonding among them.
How can we expect them to be helpful ? more  
Indian democracy is in the hand of people who are unfriendly and almost totally corrupt.Most citizens do not feel comfortable to go to police to get help on many issues they face in their day to day life.The reason is that police harassment is almost certain as police will ask for money both from the complainant as well as the suspected accused.Law makers are mostly anti social elements who have come to power because they are thugs. Supreme Court or other law enforcing bodies are passive as they also belong to the same system.The President of India himself is a political appointee.With this back drop to India's governance,there is very little which can be achieved within the present form of governance.Lord Krishna could help??? more  
Lord Krishna IA always with in the soul of each and every people.only thing is we are not following the lord Krishna.we are always voting and giving power to Rawana.Kans and so many like them.wjy we are electing such people it's reply lies in itself.each and every people of India is responsible for the today's situation.This is only one point which raised by Dr.Neelam, there are hundreds of similar points but people do not care just because they are also a part of us.Sorry,God save India more  
Unfortunately present central government is not senior citizen friendly. As soon as they came to power the interest rate of the Welfare Scheme SCSS2004 was drastically reduced from 9.3% to 7.4%. This has made life hell for senior citizen retirees from Private Sector who do not get pension. All appeals to PM to restore the rate of interest have fallen on deaf ears. Since last 2 years the Concession available to Senior Citizens in Rail travel has been stopped. May be government wants senior citizens to pop off as they will not be able purchase survival needs, as prices of medicines, healthcare, doctor consultation, essential food items and vegetables have sky rocketed. To make senior citizen's life more difficult 18% GST is charged on TV viewing and on their contribution towards common expenses in a Cooperative Housing Society where they managed to buy a home. more  
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