Role and Performance of E.C. to change even from these Elections

1.E.C. is also Responsible to Constitutional Guarantees like S.C. and the Conclusive Clarifications recognized in Constituent Assembly on Electioneering and One Man One Vote shall be the Guide.
2.It is the PRIME and Accountable Responsibility of E.C. to disqualify to contest in Elections on whom Penal Proceedings on SOCIAL and FINANCIAL Frauds are Served by any Competent Court .
3.E.C. shall not neglect to enforce IPC Sections 171 A to J and shall notify Voters the details of Currency/Gifts Seized during Election Period clarifying as to How many and How much is left off AS NOT BEING ELECTION OFFENCES within 7 days of completion of Election Counting .
THESE 3 ARE THE CONSTITUTIONALLY VESTED Responsibilities of Election Commission of India in terms of the Preamble Guarantee of JUSTICE, Social, Economic and Political as well as the Guarantees concluded in the Constituent Assembly on the process and System of One Man One Vote under which Indian Political Democracy was adopted in 1951. more  

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The present SC HEARINGS on EC need to cover Most important duties of CEC. This Body is only Responsible for inducting Accountable Parliamentarians and Legislators BUT STRICTLY FOLLOWING ELECTIONEERING PRINCIPLES AND MANDATES.
The lapses on this Constitutional Purposes already bagged 36% WHO are having Criminal Record.
A CJI had to Tear His Eyes while A CJI had to prefer Media to convey His deep regrets upon the presently carried practices allowing a Convict to Lead a Political Party and Share the Rule through his Proxy.
Country lost development, Economic Sufficiency, Industrial and even Educational Sector WHEREBY PEOPLE REMAINED ILLITERATES AND BECAME POOR while lakhs of Crores Govt Funds and Public Finances are set for LOOT decades together.

Definitely the Objectives of CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY are not promotional of such biased Rule.
Constitution of India shall be uplifted mandating the Rule to be Constitutional to enforce JUSTICE, SOCIAL, ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL even from Now .
Judiciary or Military is only remedy please. more  
TV News notified that daily 100 Crores is Seized in '19 Election period and amounted to 2,500 Crores as on date while 2014 witnessed 1,200 Cr. in total. The way the Booths Captured, the way Political Clashes resulted in Hospitalization and even 2 deaths in AP, and the other issues on EVMs and VV Pads wherever Ruling and Opposition are in tug of war, prove that SUPREME COURT NEED TO MAKE ALL CONSTITUITIONAL BODIES REALIZE of their Fundamental Oath on Duty and discharge under Constitutional Mandates.
OTHERWISE, IT WILL END AS 'POLITICAL DEMOCRACY' instead of people's Democracy that adopted in Indian Constituent Assembly please. more  
Earlier directive Judgments of Supreme Court are to be made enforced at National Interest and People's public interest please more  
AP CEO declared that EVM, VV Pad slips were found tampered by Staff in Atmakur Constituency, Nellore Dt. Other place Equipments also need to be checked for such. I had already commented on such misuse by the Staff deployed by the State . more  
AP CEO declared that penal actions will be taken on such Staff. WHETHER SUCH WILL BE INITIATED ARE NOT TO BE SEEN. more  
1.EC in States not adequate or neglecting the inclusion in Voter List.
2.EC is not delivering Voter Slips door to door even by Post to have confirmation of Vote
3.Election to be postponed for a Week to that Constituency if the requests of Voters are not addressed in inclusion of his Vote in the Voter List
4.Out Stationed Voters whose Vote is not transferred to Residing Station like Ration and Gas Card scoring much failure in Voting. Hence need a compulsory Mandate.
5.The non arrest of undue Politicism, Currency/Gifts Distribution, Threats between Political Parties , Non mandating Re Election if NOTA scores above 10% of Votes are also reason behind neglect in Voting.
6.Postal Voting or Net Voting shall be permitted to gain Votes of those cannot attend or spend time. BUT SHALL BE ONLY TO THE INDIVIDUAL COMPUTERS AND, 'E-SEVA' 'MEE-SEVA' Counters.
7.Cellphone or NET CAFE center Net Systems shall not be permitted to avoid bulk Voting and clashes under Political influence
8.The Accountability of persons inspect EVM and VV pad Functioning after setting the Contestants and Monograms shall be maintained with full Record
9.There shall be a Complaint Book with duplicate facility to record any lapses in these machines providing a copy to the Voter who report and No Voter's Allegation shall be valued once he leaves the Booth.
10.Governments shall equip each Booth full the security as indented by EC.
SC today seriously commented on the limited Authorities of E.Cs. Also questioned EC's silence on enforcing Election Code. Offences relating to Elections aught to be exercised by Election Commissions and CEC to have committed, accountable and Justified Rule in the Country. more  
EC fared well in AP amidst TDP AND YCP destructive strategies. In other Mandates also to be STRICT IN IMPLEMENTATION AND ENFORCEMENT. Spoiling EVMs , Clashes in Booths, REVOLTS BETWEEN TDP AND YCP even ended with Killing.
SC must awake at National interest. more  
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