Legislators to represent VOTERS

Karnataka Assembly issue gets Justified Democratic conclusion tomorrow since majority count prove. But, Rules shall be re-Regulated : (1) Recognitions shall be accepted if Member is not convinced by Speaker in 30/60 days SINCE RE-CALL OF THE MEMBER HAS BEEN UNIMPLIMENTED (2) MLA/MP (member) shall have Right to vote for OR against a Bill OR a No Confidence Motion under the Responsibility to act on behalf HIS VOTERS STRICTLY FOR THEIR INTEREST .
Speakers keeping Resignations pending for multiple months, even more than a year. This shall be permanently STOPPED.
Some Parties using WHIP ordering the People' Representative against the interest of HIS PEOPLE. This compulsion shall be Curbed.
Some Parties using WHIP ordering the Member to present and Vote For OR against a No Confidence Motion OR a Motion moved to prove Conference/ Majority. This becomes against the People 's interest . These shall be Stopped.
Otherwise Some Political Parties just at the Thirst for continued Ruling Power DECADES TOGETHER MANAGING THROUGH THE ABOVE UNDEMOCRATIC PRACTICES. This System Practice is injuries to Peoples Democracy.
Election Commission of India to Comprehensively Suggest AND PARLIAMENT TO APPROPRIATELY AND SPECIFICALLY REGULATE THE REQUISITE CONDITIONS honouring Dr Ambedkar 's deliberations on concluded People 's Democracy and the purpose of HIS 'ONE MAN ONE VOTE' AT ABSOLUTE RIGHT OF EACH VOTER .
Please share your opinions on these Issues of Voters. more  

Corrective Amendments, new Regulations in Electioneering, Party's Accountability, Code of Performance by Elected Member in Houses and outside, Responsibilities and Authorities of Speakers ARE ALL TO BE TAKEN-UP FAST BY 'EC, SC and EXECUTIVE JOINTLY '. SC to direct such while concluding the Cases pending as confined in II quarter of 2019 please. more  
S C upheld and Governor Saved Directives of One Man One Vote confined in the Constituent Assembly by Dr Ambedkar. Right of Member who Resigned, to Vote For or Against a Bill/ Motion, attend or not for a No Confidence/ Confidence Motion are upheld by SC while Governor suggested to take up issue of Confidence Motion without continuing the delay [even after the 16 MLAs approached SC reiterating their Resignation requesting immediate acceptance ] reminded and, deployed Observers to the KARNATAKA ASSEMBLY . [when Governor’s directives are set aside ].
Though SC further ordered for providing Security to the Resigned Members, CM, allied Parties and Assembly raised other issues of WHIP as well as the Responsibility and Authority of Governor and continued the debate opting every member to speak . BUT, IT TOOK FURTHER 3 DAYS TO UNDERSTAND THE DEMOCRATIC VALUE OF VOTERS’ s REPRESENTATIVE as well as the deliberations staged by Dr Ambedkar in Constituent Assembly PARTICULARLY THE DIRECTIVES COMPRISED IN SC Order ; and ; the Responsible Authority OF THE GOVERNOR.
Every Elected Member has his fundamental Right to Vote For or against any Bill or such Motions when he/his Voters find that the Policy of Rule opted and the issue/Bill is not in accordance with the Constitutional Mandates/Provisions that are guaranteed in the Preamble of the Constitution. THIS IS THE FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPT AND MANDATE FOR any Elected Member especially, MLA and MP .
While Reforming and bringing in fresh Regulations on all the issues connected and relevant to Electioneering in India including Accountability of Political Parties and , Performance of Elected Members such above issues are also to be specifically clarified in order to promote Ethical Values in our Democracy please . more  
Realization alone bringings Revolution and Corrects. Realized MEMBER/VOTER shall be Recognised. This is directive Mandate of DEMOCRACY. more  
' Resignations shall be accepted if Member is not convinced by Speaker....please. more  
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