Do You know What Systems Govern our Courts, Police & Administration?

Please understand the difference between a System & Laws, Acts, etc.
Laws, Acts, etc are implemented & operated by systems in place. Without systems in place, no law or Act can be implemented.
For example in order reach from point A to point B you need a path/passage, commuting systems. Whether you use a car or bicycle or bus or walking, that is what is similar to laws/acts, etc. that run depending on the commuting systems in place. But you need a system of clear passage and systems of provision various types of commuting.

1. Courts
Post 1857 mutiny the Free of Cost Justice system was changed to a business model in the name of laws & procedures. In the Traditional Justice Systems, Laws & Procedures were secondary, justice was primary. Paying was corruption. However the English legalized corruption. Now one has to pay at each and every step of the court procedures, even though Courts run on tax payers money.
Where does this system come from? Source Code of the Entire court system is Hammurabi Code of Baylonia (Iraq)- 1780BC. It records crime only AFTER crime has happened, gives punishment or demands payment. There is NO crime prevention (Justice) in this system.

2. Police
Police run on Brits Criminal Procedures against Majority of the Indian Society

3. Civil Administration
It ruins by heavily taxing the ordinary masses, but no accountability to give back in return

Unless we change the systems & have Public Accountability, Not much will change more  

The comments on the facts of intellectual capital are fully agreed. But what about the delays in the judiciary and the related corruption, it seems there is no positive development in the fields in the recent decades more  
Judicial Vigilance Council to be established in Judiciary more  
Courts ; Police ; Administration are the ruling factors of Governance. These 3 though Independent not exercising Independence . * Collegium System of Judiciary Shall be bound to Judicial Vigilance Council. System operation and Procedures Shall be Regulated restricting Adjournments, Trial Period. ** Policing System Shall be Centralised with Independent Empowerment and be subjected to Constitution and President. *** Administration System Shall be codified Empowering the Government as whole Authority for Rule under Constitution as contemplated in Article 12 . **** There shall not be any interference in any way by any Elected MLA and or MP either in Judiciary OR Police OR Administration/Government . ***** Volume of IPC Punishments Shall be Revised and ' a specific Section for Punishments on neglect of Enforcement of IPC ' Shall be enacted . LET US END THE PRESENT UNCONSTITUTIONAL PRACTICES. Courts are dependent on Govt , Police , lawyers. Police are dependent on Politicians. Admin is dependent on MLAs MPs. * This is why whole rule is questionable since there is No Authorised Responsible wing as Authority for the Constitution and IPC is grossly neglected . more  
Correct Chitradeep Sengupta more  
Indian intellectual capital is one of the topmost in the world.Further India has been blessed with intutive meditative wisdom contributed by thousands of super saints.Instead of drawing upon the incomparable knowledge base available in the country,the British shop keepers conspired to import laws and systems which are very inferior and unholistic and the same was imposed on the Hindus to dominate and incapacitate the Bharat super humans.Unfortunately dwarfs like Nehru sucked up to the manipulative British shop keepers leading to subjugation of Indians after so called independence.Indians now must throw the slave mentality imposed on them by the white and brown slave sahibs and bring in true freedom by making Indians free to fly!We are a knowledge and brain super power which must be made to awaken to counter the western trash! more  
Well said the Facts of intellectual India. Thanks more  
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