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At 4 in the morning or around midnight, you are woken up from your deep sleep by the reverse alarm of a car or noise made by the opening of the car doors with a remote. And these vehicles are mostly the ones parked on the roads or footpaths, since the owners do not have parking within their premises. there are people who do this act of opening, reversing multiple times. Not sure what joy it gives them.
For opening a door with a remote, one can have a noiseless remote. And for reversing a car,looking at the mirrors and reversing slowly would be good enough. Can these unnecessary noises not be avoided? As it is, we have too much of other noises to irritate us. more  

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A complete useless n ineffective discussion.... even after such huge car pooling campaign, has anyone reduced traffic by doing car pooling???? NO. Traffic is increasing even more day by day. Reason - everyone want to commute alone in their 'lovely' cars. Even after getting conscious about 'Go Green', Is weather improving? is temperature coming down? is rainfall is increasing year by year? NO. Reason - everyone just think of their own comforts. Even after creating huge awareness about road safety, is anyone serious about wearing helmets? is anyone following lane system? is anyone following all the road safety norm? NO. Reason - everyone think rules are made to break!! (Of course, there might be some people exceptional for my comments)... It's not about rules or regulations, it's about ones mind set. No one wants to care about their city, their neighbours or even their family members. Everyone is selfish and just live to show off (at least in Bengaluru or big cities).

Finally who should implement the suggestions coming out of this discussion? It's us, and NOT traffic police or pollution control board. Those departments are solely created for corruption. Don't believe these departments, believe your self. Think before ACT. more  
Like smoking in public places and drunk driving is an offence, unnecessary use of horns must be made an offence. No one takes noise pollution seriously. Only supreme Court has to help the public. I think most of us are already partially deaf due to hearing horn sound on the road, loudspeakers blaring in every function or festival on the roads. Time to bring in legislation for hefty penalties for loud horns n sound beyond specified levels! more  
I have found from my experience, that the folks who fit reverse horns and use remote with the sound option all the time also own dogs that are left on the edge of their neighbours compound wall more  
Supreme court judgement may strictly followed n police should ensure compliance of this judgement. more  
In Uk if you blow your horn the police land up immediately because you are not supposed to blow horn unnecessarily, wheras here people will blow the horn even at the traffic lights, or if there is a traffic jam, not realising how the traffic can move by blowing horn. more  
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