Yoga has the same potential as exercise to reduce the risk factors of cardiovascular disease

Yoga tackles cardiovascular risk factors about as well as exercise does and is better than nothing for those who can't do conventional aerobics, a meta-analysis concluded.

ollowing a systematic review of 37 randomised controlled trials, investigators from the Netherlands and USA have found that yoga may provide the same benefits in risk factor reduction as such traditional physical activities as biking or brisk walking

Sophia Antipolis, 16 December 2014. There is "promising evidence" that the popular mind-body practice of yoga is beneficial in managing and improving the risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease and is a "potentially effective therapy" for cardiovascular health.

Indeed, following a systematic review of 37 randomised controlled trials (which included 2768 subjects), investigators from the Netherlands and USA have found that yoga may provide the same benefits in risk factor reduction as such traditional physical activities as biking or brisk walking. more  

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According to my experience and faith, if all of the pranayams are done sincerely and honestly for about an hour in all, 15 mnts each of kapal bhati, bhastrika, anu lom/vinolom, and couple minutes each of all others, in the open air in the early mornings, these are sufficient enough exercises for the all modern lives, fully loaded with work, tensions and time scarcity all over.

My firm belief, as supported by the whole time devoutees like baba Ram Dev and several of equivalents, cleanses whole system. These immensely strengthen the heart, lungs and the whole of respiratory systems and process. Stomach and intestines are thoroughly massaged and excercised. Stomach stays utterly clean and soft and spongy. Final result - when heart functions normally as per age, pumps blood as it should, all vital organs get naturally energised and healthy. Kapalbhati also thoroughly massages all vital organs.

If blood is fully circulated as per the age, purification is blood is natural outcome, then there is absolutely no scope for any diseases or problems to occur at any stage and any level. At the same time, one has to be extremely careful about the diet. Does not mean one should be crazy and keep calculating proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and so on and on, just avoid fats and fast foods, extreme cold drinks, hot and hard drinks etc etc. That would also keep the mind so fresh and composed and cool.

My firm belief is also that if one does these, then he/she will not be an extremist of any kind/nature and will and can handle any hardships and mental strains. One has to follow this system to believe, no alternative to this.

One most important warning or a word of caution to all women, please do not do kapalbhati during the cyclical days and times. If any one is suffering from wounds, or serious stomach ailments, then please do these exercises, has no problem, but with caution and slowly increase your times. Even last stage cancers are proven to have been completely routed out with kapal bhati alone. Ofcourse for those who can do there are host of exercises for each specific problems.

Best part of YOGA is lets the human body active as long as alive.

Long live yoga and long live the yogic science for which there is absolutely no replacement.

For those who can do, initially with expert guidance, cleanse the stomach with kunjal, dhoti, jal neti, sutra neti for a week or so and then slowly increase the gap to once in a month and then once in a quarter. That should be sufficient to keep the system healthy, wealthy and wise.

Remember - all hospitals and doctors will be out of biz. more  
Thanks to Dr Puneet and Mr Rao for their post for useful advice. more  
Dear Dr. Puneet: I am honoured by your humility and simplicity in answering this comment of mine. I also genuinely appreciate your time and interest in reading through my rather long comments.
I only wish all humans have same mentality and attitude as you do towards. Then our earth would be heaven and lifes heavenly.
Thanks and best regards, more  
Mr Rao, You said it better than any researcher or a doctor could for you, as one always knows his or her body better than anyone else. leaving aside the quality of food, in case our parents have lived long with eating the same food we should continue with the eating style as the life style may not be same. we still can reap benefits. trust me. more  
I am not a scientist, a doctor, or any higher education attained person, but a generalist and purist in belief. However I am not a fascist or a fundamentalist.

Major difference as I see, purely personal perspective, is modern science is not more than 50 years old in real terms or may be 70-80 years, certainly not more than that in terms as it stands today.

Even today's science kills so many living beings, which is not a concern or a bother for a human rights or animal protection people/groups. Makes so many lives redundant based on research and so on and on. All these researches and discoveries - no inventions - are based on chemical drugs. They are focussed on "TREATING" on particular problem on which research is or shall be done. It definitely is not multi pronged. Added to that this is focussed on particular region, location or a geographical area to be more general. Their living conditions are different, habits are different, physical stature is different. Yet those researches are dumped on the whole world which research may not and doe snot support. Surprisingly within the same country within no time another researcher comes up to say that earlier one is wrong and the second one is right.

Current live examples are ANACINS and pain killers are more or less banned in USA and advanced countries and dumped in third world countries. COKE & PEPSI are other current examples which have been banned in schools in America and many european countries and dumped in INDIA and 3rd world countries. COKE & PEPSI has been proved, as is being circulated in social media and publicly pronounced by the likes of Patanjali ashrams etc, that these are very good toilet cleaners than cold drinks. Take as an extension "KURKUREs", they are coated with plastic - burn them you can see them getting black and smelling innocuous.
Then we have chemical fertilizers - which have been hailed so high all along these 50-60 years and now whole world is getting cautious on the same and is looking for natural fertilizers. Reason - these chemical fertilizers have destroyed the earth and underground water resources that it will take perhaps couple of centuries to get back to their natural features.

Similarly meat products - all animals, birds are so heavily fed with chemical - man made diets - to make them grow heavier and fatter. Same is eaten lavishly in western world and the results of obesity, resultant problems are all being witnessed and written so loudly all over.

Yet we have no choice but to depend heavily on these "RFESEARCHES".

I was advised brisk walking for at least one hour and also jogging 4-5kms to help cure/control my back ache and spondalitis, way back in 1990s. That my experience has caused more harm and as those had caused heavy pressure on waist line. Along side I had been a yoga follower for nearly +50 years. Now I do yoga all round the year nearly 90-120mnts and I keep myself so refreshed and lively all along the day. I get peaceful sleep.

On top of all that, by the grace of almighty and perhaps yoga, I do not remember to have used any ALLOPATHIC medicines except in 1970s when I was down with malaria for over a week I suppose. I had chicken pox at the tender age of 3years perhaps and my mother tells me I was cured with homepathy then.

I have no intention or knowledge or capacity to nullify the present researches, science etc. It has its own advantages. However importing Indian science from the western world is what I most detest. Similarly Geeta unless taught or written by a western author has no value. more  
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