Yoga for Healthy Heart

The following set of yoga asanas begin with mild ones, gradually increasing to more demanding ones that require greater stamina and strength. All of these asanas aim to relax and rejuvenate a person’s mind and body and helps keep heart disease at bay.

If you have others you know of for good heart health, share please.

1. Tadasana (mountain pose)
The mountain pose helps strengthen the heart and also makes the body more flexible.

2. Vrikshasana (tree pose)
The tree pose calms and brings equilibrium to the mind. This yoga pose helps calm the mind and leads to a steady and healthy heart function.

3. UtthitaHastapadasana (extended hands and feet pose)
This yoga posture requires focus and strength as it requires a lot of balance. This focus on one’s breathing and posture helps calm the mind, lowers the heart rate, promotes blood circulation and improves the all-round functioning of the heart.

4. Trikonasana (triangle pose)
Known for its ability to beat stress, this is a heart opening asana is designed to promote cardiovascular exercise. The chest expands while controlled breathing helps increase stamina.

5. Veerabhadrasana (warrior pose)
The Warrior pose improves balance and increases stamina. It also releases stress while calming the mind and helps keep the heart rate in check. Another great benefit of this asana is that it tones the muscles of the thighs and abdomen, which helps burn fat, in turn keeping the heart healthy.

6. Utkatasana (chair pose)
Another asana that helps strengthen the muscles of the tummy and thighs, the chair pose helps increase one’s heart rate, improves posture, breathing and helps strengthen the body.

7. Marjariasana (cat pose)
A yoga asana to help the body relax, the cat pose is meant to bring down a person’s heart rate and relax the body.

8. AdhoMukhoSvanasana (downward facing dog pose)
This yoga asana is a resting position as it calms the system and energises the body.

9. Bhujangasana (cobra pose)
The cobra pose increases the stretch to the chest and helps being breathing down to normal.

10. Dhanurasana (bow pose)
Stimulating and a deep stretch for the whole body, the bow pose opens and strengthens the heart.

11. SetuBandhasana (bridge pose)
The bridge pose is a great asana to help keep your heart healthy. Not only is it less demanding than bow pose, the bridge pose facilitates deep breathing, opens and improves blood flow to the chest region and helps control blood pressure.

12. SalambaSarvangasana (half shoulder stand)
The half shoulder stand activates the parasympathetic nervous system and opens up the chest.

13. ArdhaMatsyendrasana (sitting half spinal twist)
The Sitting half spinal twist works on the whole spine and opens the chest. It also helps you breathe better and is known to invigorate the entire nervous system.

14. Paschimottanasana (two-legged forward bend)
This seated forward bending pose helps bring the head lower than the heart, facilitating the reduction of the heart rate and respiration while allowing the system to rest.

15. Dandasana (stick pose)
Countering the previous postures, this yoga posture facilitates good posture, strengthens the back and at the same time stretches the shoulders and chest.

16. Dolphin pose
The Dolphin pose is a little more demanding than Downward facing dog pose as it helps by increasing stamina and strengthening the upper body in preparation for more heart opening postures.

17. Dolphin plank
The Dolphin plank pose gets the heart pumping again.

18. Sphinx pose
The Sphinx pose opens up the chest muscles and stretches the muscles of the shoulders; helping in improving one’s breathing and heart rate.

19. Shavasana (corpse pose)
This yoga postures allows the body and breath to make the subtle adjustments necessary for the overall health of the system.

20. Anjali mudra
The Anjali mudra opens the heart, calms the brain and reduces stress and anxiety. It also prepares the body better for pranayama and meditation. more  

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For the steps and pictures, members can refer any yoga site in web,eg.Sivanada, Vivekananda kendras teach asanas. more  
Picture pose is added for each and every asanas it will be very much helpful. more  
how to do these asanas is required to practice them. can you provide the step by step guide for performing these asanas ? more  
Description is short and sweet yet requires the photo poses to understand these asanas better. more  
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