Winter and rising heart attack risk

Extreme winter chill increases the risk of heart attacks, particularly in patients who have pre-existing cardiovascular conditions. The risk of stroke also increases significantly during winters, even in people who are on blood pressure medication. This is why it is important to get your blood pressure checked regularly during winters irrespective of whether you are on medications or not. Also, if you have any doubt or have any signs of uneasiness after taking medications for blood pressure, do meet your doctor to seek advice for altering medication. Hence, it is recommended you must check the blood pressure regularly without fail, especially during winters. more  

What should be considered extreme winter? Please elaborate for common knowledge. more  
Timely advice. It is appreciated, and to be followed with the mentioned condition.

I am 81+ with cardiac problem and by-pass surgery in 2003. I have also been diagnosed diabetic and put on insulin followed by injections to control the same.

Yes, in winters I have experienced mild heart attacks and been hospitalised. Earlier I was on a number of medicines. But from my last hospitalisation in July 2017, I am feeling much much better. My insulin level is absolutely controlled, so is with BP. After July 2017, in frustration I started taking "Darchini" powder in tea, Dana Methi, very regularly and have been on the prescribed food by the dietitian. Occasionally in the morning after breakfast I also take half tablet of Disprin. Food intake also I have reduced somewhat so that the load on heart and kidney does not go up. In the morning on take Acitrom 2md & 3mg on alternative days. I would like to emphasise that since cardiac attacks take place generally in the morning hours, so, I take acitrom at night. I also take Dytor 10 mg in the morning and 10mg after about 6 hours - after lunch. I visit my doctors in aiims-delhi regularly for follow up. They are wonderful people in the Geriatric Department. God bless them.

I take a nap after breakfast, unless I have to go out on some social commitment. And, one afternoon nap for about 1.1/2 hours. These are very helpful to my refreshed dispensation. My average sitting on computer per day is six hours - for my mental exercise. more  
Thank you so much for sharing this with all . more  
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