Swachhta Pledge/Shapath

Dear Friends,

All of you are requested to take the attached Swachhta Shapath and take associated actions.

Also, we request every member to share the following invitation link to our Swachh Bharat circle with your contacts and social networks today so they can become part of this movement as well.


Let us together work in the next 5 years to make it a Swachh Bharat!

Ministry of Urban Development more  

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..................................... jamos would like to stay in touch on LinkedIn. jamos sablok Editor at Entrada Meerut Area, India View profile https://www.linkedin.com/comm/in/jamos-sablok-52273889?trk=eml-guest-invite-pprofile-link-cta&trkEmail=eml-invite_guest-null-418-null-null-my97sg%7Ejepcp935%7Ev3-null-neptune%2Fprofile%7Evanity%2Eview&lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3Aemail_invite_guest%3BAT9RzU5aQAW69lZd2tDtIw%3D%3D Confirm that you know jamos https://www.linkedin.com/comm/start/accept-invitation?sharedKey=LT5Rsmvv&invitationId=6346994825140715534&trk=eml-guest-invite-cta&trkEmail=eml-invite_guest-null-416-null-null-my97sg%7Ejepcp935%7Ev3-ssuw-start%7Esignup%7Ewarm&lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3Aemail_invite_guest%3BAT9RzU5aQAW69lZd2tDtIw%3D%3D ..................................... Unsubscribe: https://www.linkedin.com/e/v2?e=my97sg-jepcp935-v3&t=lun&midToken=AQFmrFVhGEd36Q&ek=invite_guest&li=426&m=unsub&ts=unsub&loid=AQGpgPsYyEKmFAAAAWIeUTjb1FnBggyZvDQF7FUpa9629hGsnF4AfntHCzkQ7Ubc6J8-aD3azMEDTpQRZysYRsSYT17-Bw-ur8J7wLwOYPT5xP3I-c8ahC3HDJc6MpjKd-1ou8i87VJ5DmqgbPzDFur6otLxlzCavw&eid=my97sg-jepcp935-v3 Help: https://www.linkedin.com/e/v2?e=my97sg-jepcp935-v3&lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3Aemail_invite_guest%3BAT9RzU5aQAW69lZd2tDtIw%3D%3D&a=customerServiceUrl&ek=invite_guest&li=425&m=footer&ts=help&articleId=67 You are receiving Invitation emails. LinkedIn will use your email address to make suggestions to our members in features like People You May Know. This email was sent to www.send_newpost++bbvvgxtrfdgx++triymqtriyiy@localcirclesmail.com. © 2018 LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company, Wilton Plaza, Wilton Place, Dublin 2. LinkedIn is a registered business name of LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company. LinkedIn and the LinkedIn logo are registered trademarks of LinkedIn. more  
in the area where I am living in 22nd cross,jayanagar 6th block,bengaluru 560070, in front of the main garden of the yediyur lake/garden, garbage is dumped by the residents in front of the transformer. This is cleared everyday by the authorities but for a whole day the garbage is lying on the road which is very hazardrous to health and invites stray dogs and mosquitoes. Covered garbage bins should be provided and stiff fine imposed on those who throw garbage or spit on the roads.I hope something is done immediately in this regard. more  
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Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android'o ''"#4 - more  
Please include the ORION WTE MBT Technology of converting Waste to renewable energy developed in Vietnam which I have just seen as a very innovative & transformational project for India.In fact this will be in keeping with our Prime Ministers vision to "Make in India"!!.It will be a pleasure for me to move this forward & make India to promote this concept. more  
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