Simplification of Tax Return Filing

The income tax return filing has been made so complicated that no common man/person today is able to file her return on her own, without the help/assistance of tax professionals. Each time we have to depend upon a CA/practising income tax professional to file our return, which is ridiculous, completely uncalled for and must go. I filed my return within the stipulated time (without assistance from any tax professional) and the income tax department identified some error in my filing and served me with a notice. Moreover, Now they want the rectified /error-free form to be filed in a particular XML-Schemas format that is compatible with the latest windows version and no other version of windows. Neither I have the skill nor do I have the infrastructure to file the rectified return in the prescribed XML-Schemas format which appears to a complicated process for me. I tried calling/connecting with their toll-free number 1800-1034455 but to no avail, as the same is not working. In addition, in their notice (of the IT dept.) served on me say that they would invalidate my return if the rectified return is not filed within 15 days that is ending today. This is extremely burdensome on an honest taxpayer.

This kind of harassment in terms of the filing of the return in a particular format etc. must go. I through the local circles wish to bring this to the kind notice of the hon'ble minister and request her to kindly do away with this kind of harassment faced by common people and honest taxpayers and direct the income tax authorities to accept rectified returns in any format (of windows). This will save us from lot of unnecessary hassles in filing the tax return. more  

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Not only in Delhi or any metro in India, No where including small town to metro cities all Private clinic doctors consultation charges are been paid only cash,no bill been provided, how this income to the individual been considered, whether it is income to the individual- many a times i have pointed out this earlier, either private clinic doctors consultation charges or no private medical shop are accepting only cash and no where bill been provided. when working class people paid lakhs of rupees as tax to the government in a year- we are not given any kind of relaxation in any means-recently in secunderabad two wheeler parking i paid for 1.15 minutes Rs. 35- including GST-it is only an example, what is the use of me paying lakhs of rupees of my hard earn money as tax, here people are looting the public money as cash and not shown in their earnings, what it means- nothing but block money, what tax they are paying, but in my case, all my service i paid tax and after my retirement, i will be getting 2300/pm for my family as pension, can any body justify this sir. once side taking money as cash, not shown in their earnings at all, another side paid tax-in lakhs to the govt and paying GST in all commotidities, all my service after my retirement for my total family i will get Rs. 2300/pm as my pension sir. oh god, can any body justify this. more  
Unemployment is a huge problem in India, GOI, by making the system complicated is allowing professionals to earn money, solving unemployment to some extent! more  
Till Independence of India we have not got any people;s govt. so far, hence to avoid such misadventure and to avoid further worry it is better to file ITR through an expert professional what so ever. more  
Those who have already linked there aadhaar numbers with their PAN number, should not be harassed in the name of tax return filing or tax compliance at all. The very linking of aadhaar number with her PAN number shows that the person has no intentions of money laundering or hiding illegal money or siphoning the same or indulging in any form of fiscal irregularity or illegality etc. It is unreasonable to expect that a common man in India knows/ would understand all the provisions of Income Tax act, 1961 and hence her non-compliance or defective filing of income tax return, if any, after linking of her PAN number with aadhaar should not be automatically deemed to be an intention to commit a financial crime or her intention not to pay taxes to the govt. and hence should not be penalised at all. As non-compliance is not a 'fraud' or the intention to commit one (i.e. an intention to commit a'fraud').

Innocent people should be spared and should not be harassed at all in the name of tax return filing, as they have to otherwise run everyday to earn a decent living for themselves, and then only they will be able to pay taxes to the govt. If the tax return filed by an innocent assessee is 'defective' then the Income tax department may rectify the same at their end, and get the consent of the taxpayer to the same, since the income tax department officers are trained with taxpayers money and ideally should be resourceful to do so. more  
I had suggested in earlier post on income tax return filing that all the columns of ITR form must be numbered and all the related documents like form 16A, TDS certificates, form 26AS interest certificate, loan certificate etc. which are used for filing tax return MUST also have same column number where is information is to be filled in ITR form. So the tax payer will simply see the column number in the certificate and transfer it in the same number of the ITR. This will simplify filling the ITR form to a great extent. more  
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