The Govt salutes honest and compliant tax payers

Recently our CBDT isued a press release saying it cannot punish compliant and honest tax payer by extending various due dates for the assessee who are dishonest, lazy and non compliant and our secular courts accepted the great arguement. Every Indian was glad to learn that CBDT salutes compliant and honest tax payers.
However the ground realities are quite opposite. Perhaps even our courts failed to apply their mind and resist the temptation to toe government line.
Now see the ground realities of our honest and compliant secualr, justice oriented, court supported, intellectual backed CBDT.
Now under VIvad se Vishwas scheme:
1. It has been extended several times from June 2020 to Feb 2020 and still our honest government wants to extend it. No misuse of discretion given to CBDT.
2.What is happening under this scheme. This scheme is a constitutional reward to goons, smuggllers, tax eveders, anti nationals, hawala kings, fraudsters, Government servants, politicians and all enemies of the nation for doing anti national activities.
3. Under thsi scheme , the anti national just pay 15% of the tax on illicit income and get away with Interest, penalty an dprosecution and all other proceedings.
4. Wheras a honest tax payer is paying as high as 42% of total income plus advance tax and audited accounts plus scrutiny and of course last but not the least, the constitutional legal nazrana to CBDT .
5. Besides as an add on bonus honest tax payer an dhis consultants have to regularly comply with various deadlines and pay heavy penalties in case of default.
6. Whereas our Anti national elemenys treated as constitutional in laws by all including great judiciary pay just 15% , that too in some cases after 15 years and get away with all compliance.
7. What a great way to pay tributes to honest and compliant tax payers.
8. Keep it up, whole world is proud of our great CBDT and great judiciary. What a way to provide constitutional immunity to anti national elements and punish honest cityzens.
9. This Government and judiciary wants ordinary cityzens of this country to just pay taxes so that these constitutional in laws cum anti nationals including politicians can enjoy free bungalows, servants, cars, rights and constitutional nazrana to collect daily hafftta without any restriction.
10. Indians are really great that the most corrupt, characterless, anti national. illitrate Governmnet, Babus, Judiciary and press are working round the clock to serve selflessly honest and compliant tax payers.
11. Keep it up and just tell us when India will become Banana Republic or it has already become one. more  

The main issue for Govt is to tax Agriculture Income. Recent Agitation has shown many of them are filthy rich are not paying even a single Penny as Tax. Where as even a peon earning Appr Rs 21000/- comes under the tax net and has to pay the tax. If this is implemented then Govt can have Good amount of income on this head. more  
My tax returns are yet to come for last 2 years.. When I went to their office to clarify, I was told that due to COVID, we are not allowed to meet more  
I am sailing in the same boat as Mr & Mrs Chitnis more  
I 100% agree with Mr. Parakh. My wife and I flied our tax returns in August 2020. We both got the badge of Honest Tax Payer. However, our refunds are not received till this date. This is the reward given to the Honest Tax payers by this Honest Government. Hope to get the refunds soon. more  
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