Selling icecream with liquor in there

Tamil Nadu government officials seal a shop in Coimbatore, following a complaint that it has been selling boozy ice creams or liquor-infused ice creams; suspend the licence of the ice cream shop.

My question is did they have a FSSAI license. How did they get it? FSSAI pls revert. more  

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FSSAI is in need of more manpower, possibly to augment its activities. Its recent advertisement shows so. more  
FSSAI is not an investigating agency. It has to issue certificate, when some producers want to sale a product and ensure the public about the genuineness. In case any shop sales without any FSSAI certificate, it is the duly of alert citizens to bring to the notice of the law enforcing authority. more  
Ha ha, the news item says that the shop was seale on the complaint that " liquor mixed Ice ream being sold." . Out of the 8 causes given for the Sealing and closure of shop, only cause no one says that 2 Liquor bottles were there.All the other 7 is about the hygiene,not maintaining records and sanitaions. *None of the 8 mention about mixing of alcohol in Ice cream. Under such situations they must atleast add hand written coment below the 8 points. * Though bothAlcohol and Ice crem are permitted items, they need Permit to sell. It is clearly evident that a weak case is presented to safe guard the Outlet, or lack of evidence of selling the combo Mood alterer. THE AUTHOR'S CONCERN IS PROBABLY THE COMBO COULD BE EXPOSED TO THE ONES BELOW THE ALCOHOL CONSUMING AGE (THE LEGAL AGE FOR CONSUMPTION VARIES FROM 18 TO 25 IN DIFFERENT STATES IN INDIA.) more  
It is easy to get a FSSAI licence. What the license holder produces or sells is a different issue. This is happening in every trade - be it medicines, liquor or any other consumable. After all this is GREAT INDIA. Haathi ke daant, dikhane ke aur, aur khane ke aur. (Different teath to show and another set for eating). more  
Sir, you are 100% correct more  
How many retail liquor outlets are near your home at Rippon building? Do you know who is the sole selling agents of IMFL and other beverages in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala? Your elected Government through corporations set up to make money. If liquor and tobacco is harmful to health why don't they shut down production, distribution, and whole sale and retail sales? Do they have courage and inclination. Half of AP, Telangana farmers of tobacco will die of poverty. The sugar cane farmers will commit suicide in millions. The PMs own state of Gujarat, and the birth state of our "Father of Nation" follow "prohibition policy".But tomatoes filled with scotch or local "mauva" is available from push cart vendors ranging from 15 to 150 rupees. Why you don't ask FSSAI in Gujarat to check? If you have time, energy, and inclination google or put an RTI and how many billions of INR is collected as Excise Duty, and GST? DO YOU HAVE THE GUTS? There are ample laws against rape. After Nirbhaya, how many cases are reported? Did law helped? Do you know the number of cases pending in Indian courts? Thank God, you are safe in your own house. Or Are you?????? more  
I agree with you. But does that mean we give up and accept fate accompli? Shouldn't we even point out issues? Sorry sir, but I don't think that's a right approach. more  
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