Relocation back to India

For those of you who have moved back to India, what are the things about your foreign country you miss and what is it that you like about being in your motherland?

What I miss:
Clean air
Civic sense
Safety, Law, Order

What I enjoy being back:
Being close to family and in my motherland
Family events and festivals and weddings
Exciting things happening all around, new opportunities more  

Good to have your views friends. More or less in line with mine. I must add corruption is a menace but getting better. Thanks to communities like Fight Corruption etc. more  
Most of the NRI's want to come back to their motherland and spend time with the near and dear, but worried about the following:

1) Firstly job opportunities. ( improving jobs will reduce the crime rate, when people are busy with the work, selfishness will come down, cheating others is not required any more, no job is the main reason for most of the people choosing wrong directions and putting the society in risk)
2) Corruption, For simple Day to Days tasks we need to wait for days,weeks,months or even don't know whether it going to happen at all without an agent who corrupts the system. (For government related jobs, there is not time limit for a job, people are willing to wait when they assign a time limit for a job, and if they can track the job progress)
3) Traffic, We are already 60+ year after freedom, Didn't think about the proper roads for the population we have. It's not too late to plan for next 200 years.

India is concentrating only on cities, which is causing all the above issues, generate funds/revenue for villages and small towns by spending the locally generated income (from TAX, registrations, fines, bills etc ) locally. start providing jobs locally, so no one think about leaving their villages or towns. Every village will have their own budget to spend on the urgent requirements, and can ask a part of funds to the government in case short of budget.

India has lot of IT (Information Technology) source, why we are not using it, none of the website are secure, people afraid to use it. All the day to day jobs should be transparent by connecting all the services to communicate each other through online, So people should able to do the day to day tasks from any part of India.

If the jobs are available locally near by distance, people will not think of going to cities, So their is no point going overseas, and coming back. more  
I lived in Singapore for a long period and feel what I miss most is disciplined traffic, car and bus drivers. This is happening since a) no lane on the road makes it free flow driving for all, b) absolutely inefficient traffic police who are only interested in collecting bribes and fines, c) very low amount of fines for breaking traffic rules, d) easy availability of driving licenses most of the time by paying bribes, e) improper checking of vehicles ' fit for driving'. It is a nightmare to drive on Indian roads. more  
I was in Japan and The things liked the most were good transport clean air planned cities very systemic process. more  
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