There is no “Quick Fix solution” to stray dogs. If there was one, it would have worked hundreds of years ago, and stray dogs would have become extinct.
Stray dogs breed and live in and around human habitations – wherever there are people there are dogs.
Efforts to completely rid territories of strays, or ‘throwing away’ or otherwise harming their young, does not usually have the desired effect. This is primarily
because vacated territories which are vacuums are always taken up by other dogs – there are too many of them. This cycle continues and the only way to stop it to “domesticate” the dogs that are already present in your area and get them sterilized and vaccinated. These dogs will guard your area from other dogs which may be rabid or unsterilised.

A rational, scientific, but slower solution to the problem of stray dogs has been recommended by the World Health Organization (W.H.O.), and has been demonstrated to be the only effective solution.
The W.H.O. recommends systematic sterilization, vaccination and community level adoption of dogs for effectively reducing dog population and aggression in dogs, and eliminating the risk of rabies.
Relocating stray dogs is not recommended. Dogs are released back in the areas they were picked up from, because they guard their territories and prevent other (possibly un-sterilized, un-vaccinated) dogs from coming in. This also serves to keep the dog population in a community in check.
Dogs keep areas free of snakes, rodents, particularly sewer rats, that can overrun habitation with fearful diseases like plague. (Example, plague at Surat.) more  

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Kudos Deepika to your Dog Caring sprit...was a healthy discussion. Thanks. more  
Our block has about 20 plus stray dogs, every two or three months we have a dog bite case. The MCD and NGOs claim to have systematic sterilization (dogs spayed, neutered and vaccinated) programs. For the last forty years I have seen these efforts but the dog population has not dwindled in our block. There is a cultural and religious aspect where Hindu's feed them, thus supporting their habitat. We need a fresh look at this and also bad effects of disturbing the ecosystem i.e. rodents and snakes taking their space. Suggest those who want to feed dogs make arrangements with a pet dog lover neighbour, or go to a common place marked by the RWA in a secluded corner on the RWA perimeter and not throw food at their gate. Builders & contractors keep labour on site who attract and support stray dogs. Who does not know that the locality "Dhobi" is notorious for supporting stray dogs. These habits can be curbed to check stray dog manace. more  
Mohana I guess my reply to Vinay somewhat answers your comment too! I agree with you that education is MUST! Those who feed the dogs should certainly take on the responsibility of getting them vaccinated and sterlised! But it will be even better if rather than criticizing them, the others from the locality talk to them and try to find a solution together. MCD By law can not just pick up the dogs and drop them some place else, they HAVE to drop the dogs back in the same locality after sterlisation. Try giving this information to the residents who feed the dogs, I am sure they will not hide the dogs next time SPCA people send the van! Regarding barking of the dogs- yes its very annoying when the dogs bark at night! But have you read the campaign run by Delhi government a few years back on unnecessary HONKING - it says- Even Dogs DO NOT bark without any reason! So may be there is a reason why dogs bark, its always better to check - may be some miscreants are upto something that time!! more  
I understand Vinay that everyone can not take the dogs home due to the space limitations. ADOPTING doesn't mean one has to take them home, one can look after them in terms of giving them food, and getting them spayed/neutered and vaccinated. I believe if each one of us (or may be few ) takes on such responsibility, we will not face such problem. One can easily tackle the problem of catching them for sterlization by gaining their trust well in advance. Try feeding them once in a while (easier is to feed them Marie or glucose biscuits). Once they realise that you are not going to harm them, it will be easy to catch them for sterlisation. You don't have to do it yourself, the professionals from the organisations such as Friendicoes etc can be called to catch them. more  
A Very good outlook Deepika however I Doubt if Dogs keep the area free form Rats and Snakes. I am resident of DDA flats with very aggressive and agile dogs however while going to the DDA park there is small way covered with bushes and mud and I see Rats size of rabbits. Another point is just because there are many dogs around and you fail to check their population does not mean you adopt them. Not that I am not dog lover, But in a two room set of DDA colony, is it practically possible for a person to adopt them. I totally agree with your point of sterilization but once these dogs see MCD VAn they vaish as if they never existed there. I dont know what is solution to the problem but its really a very big problem more  
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