DOXOLIN [Doxofylline ]Tablets , a strip of 30 Tablets ; a Bronchodilator .

The attached picture gives all the details that is required for the patient as well as doctors prescribing it . The 30 Tablets come in 6 rows of 5 tablets each . Every patient isn’t prescribed 30 tablets . As chronic wheezing patients and cough patients only take it on a long term basis who may buy. Most others with chest congestion cough and respiratory tract infections are prescribed just 10 tablets along with other medication.

Imagine the patient,
* dispensed 10 tablets from the last row . He will get only the commercial data like price , date of manufacture and Expiry,

* the one prescribed the middle row , will get only with the Manufacturers data ,

* only the patient dispensed with the first 2 rows will get the product information .

* Technically the product has all the required data as per the Drug and weights and measures Rule . But only when one buys 30 tablets .

*As mentioned above what about the ones buying rows of 10 tablets from the middle 2 rows and the last 2?

The solution for this without causing too much inconvenience to the Pharma Manufacturer Zydus Health Care from Sikkim is to transfer the commercial data which is printed post manufacture by 90 degrees and appropriately readjusting the font size .

This came to light as my neighbour came to me with the last row of Tablets to know if the tablets can be taken for Wheezing . Though I knew from the tablet size and colour that it is Doxolin , I wanted to make sure from the chemist shop nearby .

Besides sharing this information with the Circle members ,

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Zydus wants to make money so it will not make the tablets in a smaller denomination. more  
can the NPPA come to the rescue of CONSUMERS? more  
another way is to sell these tablets in strips of 10 each. it will also help patients to save money because in many cities shopkeepers do not sell less than a full strip and in that case if patient needs only 10 tablets he/she has to purchase full strip of 30 tablets an unnecessary expenditure for patient. more  
Low priced medicines should have 10 tbs/caps strip and high value 4 tabs/caps to minimize wastage/ loss to the patients. In many cases, the Doctors prescribe medicines for 3-5-7 days
change the same depending upon the treatment. Even the liquids should be supplied in 20-100ml
packs. Almost every patient keep 40-60% unconsumed
medicines at home and throws away after their expiry as the chemists do not accept partially
consumed strips. Wastage of medicines/food should be treated as national waste. more  
Strips are made as per recommendations of R&D department,but some of Patient never purchase recommended quantity so 10 tab strips should be manufactured, further dispensing medicine by cutting should be totally stopped. more  
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