Possible shut down of coal-fired power plants

New Delhi and other nearby cities in north India have been struggling with some of the worst air pollution levels on earth, prompting local governments to shut schools and declare health emergencies this month.

A proposed action includes possible shut down of coal-fired power plants around New Delhi for failing to comply with deadlines to meet emissions standards.

A mass shutdown could lead to electricity shortages in and around the country's capital city, and so it is not immediately clear how the government plans to ensure adequate electricity supply, if it follows through on the threat.

A host of alleged violations cited and show cause served for non-compliance to the coal-fired power plants.

All plants in the National Capital Region - in and around New Delhi - have to comply with emission norms, which involve installing Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) units that cut emissions of sulphur dioxides by the end of 2019
[ getting rid of sulphur from Indian coal is to wash it instead of making India the world’s largest market for FGDs could be the other solution].

Emissions of excess particulate matter from the plants, in addition to non-compliance to FGD norms are cited.

Older plants generating megawatt of electricity, in general have higher emission levels than others.Coal-fired power plants kept idle help limit air pollution.Reduction of the use of coal power over the long term reflects growing public calls for cleaner air.

Expectation of the reduced coal power can give a potential slight boost to the country's LNG demand that can drive for gas-fired power generation.

Coal India has however firmed up plans to boost its spends on a number of coal projects that can increase the annual peak production capacity. more  

Thank you Dutta for sharing and keeping me in the loop.
Good Start, but why to wait till something like this to happen. When the industries go for Pollution Control Board Licenses or Environmental Clearances, don't these things where looked into and PCB is the final and monitoring authority to control the emissions or penalize the industry, but is not happening. Hence, courts are getting involved due to the same reason and non-implementation of regulations, and for whatever the reason being.

Had the industry(s) taken the proper measure and monitored the flue gas emissions on a daily basis, then, these things (especially smog) could have been in control. We always wait for an emergency situation, but not to focus on the prevention. Sorry to be very negative, but have been watching and trying to keep positive attitude for over a decade and trying my best as an environmental professional to make a difference as much as I can for betterment of environment. Why Electrostatic precipitators are not installed? if installed are the being used? if yes, what is the efficiency of these EP's and does the industry keep the record and monitor the SPMs, SO2, NOx, etc. on a daily basis? make it a mandatory to submit these records to PCB on a monthly basis or have a online system installed in the chimney to check for each component, that will give continuous online data to PCB. Again, this is the burden of the industry and a push by regulatory body.
"There is always a solution for any problem, but need one's intention and willingness to look for"

For Better Environment..... more  
Good point raised here. I have also written many times to our industries n power ministry about installing lime or caustic scrubber between the boilers n stack to scrub the effluent gases thru this two stage scrubbers which reduces, not only sulfur oxides but also carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, NO , NO2 GASES to the safe prescribed level of stack gases.

This small modifications can make us use of cheaper coal , petcoke etc,there by reducing the power generation cost. Similar scrubbers arr proven technologically n used in almost all naphtha or gas cracker plants.

The main issue here we have that among the industries there is no vmunicstion or interaction on various technologies that we use , which can help other similar industries who can get idea about solving such common issues.
Unfortunately, i never got any reply from the ministry ever, so far.

The power generation plants have to use fuel which is cheaper but yes with due compliance of EPA Norms n keeping in mind the surrounding areas safety of people in and around the plants. As their corporate social responsibilities.

Moreover, more trees to be grown in the are which also help absorbing carbon oxides.

The Industries ministry of each state n central govt. As well as the industries organization's must organize conference , workshops to share industries various issues, problems n come out with solutions . more  
Some of the countries are using Titanium Filters in the chimney of Thermal Power plants which restrict carbon emission. BHEL is also looking into this matter . more  
That is a very good alternative solution.... instead of attacking the food givers from Punjab and other neighbourhood. more  
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